Checkout These Best Wired Earbuds Before You Make The Purchase

Earbuds literally are music to our ears and peace to our souls. The entire experience of putting on our earphones, listening to music, and transitioning to a state of utter delight, after a long and hard day cannot be expressed in words. There is another scenario as well. Say you are busy finishing your work and you get an important call that cannot afford to miss. Who comes to the rescue? Yes, you guessed it right. The age-old friend ‘the earbuds’. With the changing technology, of course, there is a large segment of people who have switched to wireless earbuds or headphones but there is still a significant section of users who prefer to stick to the traditional ways, you enjoy the entire process of detangling the twisted knows of wired earbuds (Not really!). If you plan to invest in one anytime, you should check out these best wired earbuds before you make the purchase.

Best Wired Earbuds

Before we dive into the details, it is important to first understand the main criteria you should look at before selecting any wired earbud.

1- Does the earbud cancel external noise?

One of the most common features offered by the majority of earbud providers is the noise cancellation feature, although not all earbuds can do this.

There are two ways in which the external or unwanted noise is canceled. Active noise cancellation and passive cancellation

Active cancellation is a general way that any consumer would expect the earbud to provide. It uses technical systems to cancel out outside noise and focus only on the sound coming into the earbud. It makes use of sound frequency to let you listen to music or sound at lower volumes

Passive cancellation is like sticking a finger in your ear because earbuds with this feature just block the entire ear to cover the entry of external sounds. As you may have guessed, passive cancellation is not the ideal noise-canceling mechanism the users want.


2- The type of connector:

These days, every phone company wants to stand out and they come up with their versions of chargers, earphones, and other accessories. It may not be easy for the consumers but sometimes it works out for the best. For instance, iPhones cannot be connected to regular USB cables of Type C chords. You need a lightning connector to plug the conventional headphone jacks and plugs.

So before you invest in a wired earbud, make sure to check out if the earbud will function with your other smart devices or will have to make extra purchases to make all of these accessories work together.

3: Does the earbud have a microphone?

In most cases, the higher-priced earbuds come along with an inbuilt microphone system but why should you take the risk? You do not want to end up spending a lot of money on earbuds that can only provide you with a listening experience. When you are on a call, it’s always a two-way conversation. So if buying from a store, it is always good to ask the seller if the earbud comes with a microphone system or if you are purchasing online, you will find this information on the webpage.

Now that we have learned the important criteria which define if the earbud is worth the money or not, let’s discuss the best wired earbuds before you make the purchase.

Note: All of the options mentioned below come with a microphone. So one less thing for you to worry about.

1- Pioneer Rayz Plus

Why did this make it to the top of the list? Since it is the only one in the best highly recommended for iPhones.

Pioneer Rayz Plus is known to deliver the right mixture of technical features and audio quality. It has managed to gain a lot of positive reviews from users and critics alike. Apart from the audio quality, it provides exceptional comfort and active noise cancellation. The earphones are powered by the iPhone and do not require an external battery pack. The best feature of the earphone is that it allows you to charge the iPhone even when listening to music due to its inbuilt lightning port in the volume controller section.

Pioneer Rayz Plus

Here are the pros of using Pioneer Rayz Plus:

– The wired earbud is supported by Siri

– It provides the user with a comfortable fit

– It has an active noise-cancellation feature

The major problem with this earbud is that it drains the iPhone battery pretty quickly.

2- Bose QuietComfort 20

As the name itself suggests, the Bose QuietComfort 20 focuses on two main things: canceling out external noise and giving the user the best of comfort even when using the earbud for a longer duration.

Wired earbuds are compatible with almost all devices but they lie in the expensive category of wired earbuds. However, the most alluring feature is the extent and quality of noise cancellation. If you are someone who is constantly on phone calls for the majority of your day, we highly recommend investing in these wired earbuds. They can actively cancel noise for up to 16 hours or charge.

Bose QuietComfort 20

What makes it unique is unlike other chargeable wired earbuds, Bose QuietComfort can be used like regular wired earbuds which means that you can use them indefinitely and do not need to worry about charging them.

Here are the pros of using Bose QuietComfort 20:

  • It can be used as a passive wired earbud when the battery has completely drained off
  • It provides high-quality active noise cancellation
  • The ear tips are winged which means they are extremely comfortable for long-duration use

The only con with this device is that it requires an adapter to be used for mobile devices

With this, we come to the end of our summary on two of the best wired earbuds available in the market, one for iOS users and one for Android systems. The market is filled with a plethora of options across the price range. We highly recommend you first zero down on your budget before you come to a decision depending on your use requirement and consumption pattern but make sure to check out these best wired earbuds before you make the purchase.

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