3 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Can Use Social Media to Promote Non-Profits with Little Money

Are you struggling to gather more support for your nonprofit organization through social media?
The lack of finances, resources or time could significantly contribute to your dwindling success. Not to
mention the poor organic reach that many nonprofit social media platforms are dishing can make things
worse. For nonprofits, it’s usually pay-to-play. Meaning, you can’t reach your target audience unless you
are going to hand over that little cash to promote your cause.
And who can do that better than a digital marketing agency? In this post, I’m sharing how a digital
marketing firm can help nonprofits make a big impact on social media with little budget.


1. Interactive Content to Foster Engagement

Interactive content is a type of content that requires the audience to take some action rather passively
watching or reading. When your digital marketing partner will sprinkle this type of content, there is no
reason why you couldn’t see your engagement rates go up. Don’t believe me?

Read this: Businesses that leverage interactive content have consistently witnessed an average clickthrough
rate (CTR) of 50% and form a submission rate of more than 80%. This means you are likely see a
flood of volunteer submissions or clicks to your donation page.

The best part is you can ask your audience to share or retweet this type of content in their feed. It will
work like the word of mouth which can have a viral effect. A Malaysia-based digital market agency, Buzz
Interactive has used this concept to boost engagement on their client’s, a nonprofit charity, social media
channels and it worked wonders for them.


2. Grow Your Reach with the Right Hashtags

Nearly half (44%) of the nonprofit organizations have just one person managing their social media
accounts and social media marketing. If that’s you, then you’ll never get a lot of followers on your social
media platforms. Why?

It’s a dedicated job and only a digital marketing agency with hands-on experience in social media
services can help your nonprofit organization expand its reach. The social media marketing experts at
these firms brand your content with the right hashtags so people can easily find it in the native search.

All the big platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest have their own search
features and millions of users visit these sites every day. So why not position your nonprofit in front of

Acquiring professional social media services will also enable your charity to create its own hashtag and
build a strong following. It will instantly put you in front of the audience who wants to donate or join
your organization as volunteers.

3. Interesting Visuals to Drive Web Traffic

Did you know people are 3-times more likely to engage with Twitter posts that contain photos and

The visual posts on Facebook also see 2.3 times more engagement. Not only large and high-quality
images look impressive, but the larger images also demand more attention in a crammed News Feed. It
can prove real fruitful for nonprofits, especially if you are looking to drive more traffic to your website
and want to raise brand awareness.

Get the services of a professional digital marketing agency that can craft the content which can drive
traffic to your website from your social channels. Because it requires excellent skills to create visually
appealing posts—such as infographics, GIFs, and pictures from a recent event. And one can’t achieve
this with a single person team.

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