What Is Nintendo Switch Emulator And Some Of The Best Options In The Market

We are almost certain that even if you are not a gaming fan, you have probably heard of the gaming brand Nintendo. It is one of the earliest forms of digital gaming experience that managed to change the modes of entertainment. The latest of its collection is the Nintendo Switch and the information that follows, we will learn more about the handheld video game while also discussing what is Nintendo Switch emulator and some of the best options in the market.

Did you know that Nintendo is more than a century old? It was founded in 1889, in Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi. At its inception, Nintendo focused on playing cards called hanafuda. With time and living a journey of its own, the company is now one of the most renowned brands in terms of video games. Nintendo is the creator of Super Mario Bros (Yes, the plumber who saves the princess)

What is Nintendo Switch?

It is a hybrid video game console launched by the parent company Nintendo in 2017. The console appears like a tablet and hence is popular as a portable gaming device.

Nintendo Switch

You ask why it is called a hybrid.

Nintendo Switch can either be handled and games can be played like a gamer would on a tablet or it can be connected to a larger device like a TV set and personal computer if the user wishes to.

Let’s talk more about Nintendo Switch and understand why it has gained such popularity amongst gaming enthusiasts.

The portable device comes along with a dock, a console unit, and a set of Joy-Con controllers. Even though it is a hybrid device, Nintendo Switch is promoted as a home console that one can take with them on the go. The parent company has stated that Nintendo Switch is supposed to co-exist with Nintendo 3DS, where the latter can be considered as an entry-level game meant for beginners.

Nintendo Switch is powered by a non-removable 3.7 V lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4310 mAh. It offers you an internal storage of 32GB where 25.9 Gb is available for the users. Using external cards like microSD, microSDXC, and microSDHC, gamers can extend the storage to 2 TB.

There are different models available for Nintendo Switch. The first is the Lite version, launched in 2019. It comes as a single unit and the Joy-Con controller is part of the dominant unit’s hardware. Launched in 2021, the next officially released model is the Nintendo Switch – OLED model featuring a 7-inch and 720p OLED display. When docked on other devices, the resolution can go up to 1080p. Rumor has it that the company plans to roll out another advanced model but it is still something we will have to wait for since the pandemic has set many releases on hold. But who doesn’t love a surprise right?

Coming to the next topic of discussion on what Nintendo Switch emulator is?

In the computing world, an emulator is any software or hardware that can help clone one computer system onto another system. Simply put, emulators help two separate digital units behave like one. For instance, a lot of printers are emulated to act like the HP Laserjet because multiple software is already written for the HP model. The technology has made a permanent mark among video game hobbyists and enthusiasts, because of the convenience it provides.

In the same way, since Nintendo Switch has multiple types of emulators that can make the handheld device and a separate computer system work like one.

We have compiled a list of the latest and top 3 Nintendo Switch emulators that are compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android

1- Yuzu:

Yuzu had to top the list because it is probably one of the first few emulators that could be used with Nintendo Switch. Compatible with Linux and Windows, it is by far the most accepted emulator among video game players. With Yuzu, the performance rate is exceptional, which is the main reason for its popularity.


It was developed by the people who developed Citra, a Nintendo 3DS emulator and that is why they knew what they were doing.

Yuzu has very few bugs and with a proper PC setup, gamers can reach a resolution of 4K.

Pros of using Yuzu:

  • It offers high stability
  • Yuzu can support a large library of games
  • It boasts of open and free source

Areas of improvement for Yuzu:

  • Setting up Yuzu is complicated and may take some time
  • Controller support is limited and restricted
  • In rare cases, some games may show texture inconsistencies

2- Cemu Emulator

Nintendo Switch Emulator

This emulator is compatible with Windows and even though technically it may not be called an emulator it can run Nintendo Switch games along with Wii U and GameCube. It was one of the pioneers in the list of Nintendo Switch emulators. Cemu offers a resolution of 1080p/60fps and is capable of providing advanced features like allowing playing with mods, anti-aliasing, and high resolution.

Pros of using Cemu:

  • More cost-effective since it can run Nintendo games as well as WiiU
  • Offers compatibility with mods
  • Gamers will have access to excellent graphic packs

Areas of improvement for Cemu:

  • Configuring the controller is a complex process
  • Restricted supporting of switch games as only some can be played
  • Setting up may be difficult

3- Ryujinx Emulator

Ryujinx Emulator

Given the ease of using Ryujinx, it is not a wonder that the emulator made it to our list of some of the best Nintendo Switch emulators. The best part is, it is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. What more could have we asked for? It can run some of the major games on the portable device at 60 fps with the right hardware.

Pros of using Ryujinx:

  • The user interface is extremely easy
  • The emulator offers an inbuilt scaling for the resolution
  • Very easy to set-up

Areas of improvement for Ryujinx:

  • For new users, the starting process may be slow
  • Performance for some titles is not as expected


With this, we come to the understanding of what a Nintendo switch emulator is and some of the best options in the market. There are more emulators that you find worth your money but the three listed above tick almost all the boxes. We recommend you research all the possible options available to choose the best as per your needs.

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