Top Features Of Glass Shower Doors That Make Small Bathrooms Feel Spacious

Glass shower doors are gaining a lot of popularity currently because of their aesthetic features. However, most people are not aware about the technical attributes of these glasses that are making people in the construction industry to recommend them to their clients. The first thing you should understand is that there are several types and designs of glass shower doors in the market today and every type has its own characteristics that make them suitable for use in specific situations. This paper is a discussion of the features of glass shower doors in general and you will learn why the make small bathrooms feel bigger and spacious.

Take Up The Least Amount Of Space

Glass shower doors occupy the least amount of space as compared to other doors made from other materials like wooden and metallic doors. Out of the various designs and types of glass shower doors, sliding doors occupy the least amount of space. Sliding doors, also known as bypass doors, are made of two or more glass panels that slide past one another on rails placed on the top or bottom of the shower door. These are commonly used in corner or stand-alone showers.

Ability To Reflect Light

The reflective ability of glass shower doors also helps in creating a virtually big space in small bathrooms. They reflect the light inside the bathrooms creating the impression of a spacious room. This is especially so with polished surfaces on the interior side of the door. The frameless glass shower doors are very effective in creating effect since most of them are clear with polished interior surfaces.

Ability To Allow Light Into The Bathroom

The ability of glass shower doors to allow light into the bathroom also helps make small bathrooms appear bigger. They allow the person inside the bathroom to enjoy illumination of natural light from outside the bathroom in seclusion. This eliminates the effect of feeling enclosed in a tight up space. Frosted glass shower doors, frameless glass shower doors and many other types of glass shower doors that allow light into the bathroom freely are very suitable in establishing this effect. Frosted glass has an extra advantage of maintaining privacy while allowing light into the bathroom.

Frosted glass shower doors eliminate the need for blinds and curtains in the bathroom. They obstruct clear vision making the cubicle private. In this was they help create more space in the bathroom that would have been occupied by the curtains and blinds.

Curved Glass Shower Doors Design

Glass shower doors come in different designs and shapes to be used as bathroom remodel ideas. One significant shape is the curved or round glass shower doors. These are fixed to the bottom and top of the bathroom frame and the curved design helps create more space within the bathroom which would have been smaller if other straight panels were used in the same space. They are suitable for use in corner stand-alone showers.

Framed And Frameless Glass Door Designs

Considering the method of installation of the glass doors, there are frameless and framed glass shower doors. Frameless designs are cut in exact sizes to fit the space where they are wanted and they are erected in the required space without supporting frames. Care should be taken to take the exact measurements of the frameless glass shower door panels because if the size is found to be small, the glass will be wasted.

Framed glass doors, on the other hand, are supported by frames. Because of the extra strength required for the frameless glass doors to support themselves, they are made of a thicker glass while the frameless glass is usually thin because it has extra support. Frameless glass shower doors then literary occupy a wider space than the framed glasses. However, they are better in creating the impression of spaciousness and very ideal for small bathrooms while frameless are better suited for significantly bigger bathrooms.

Using Clear Glass For The Glass Shower Door

Some people may perceive textured glass as an extra wall. The clear glass door will make the bathroom bigger. When space is not enough to fit a sizeable glass door such as the sliding glass doors, you can use a single panel that opens to the outside or inside of the shower. It will still have the same effect of making your bathroom feel spacious.

Bathroom glass doors are very classic and suitable for use in small spaces. A small guest bathroom may not be a problem, but when it comes to your home make your space more comfortable by choosing the best design of glass shower doors. You can consult a specialist in the area to guide you in choosing what will work best for your home and also for shower door installation guide. Visit a glass store today and begin your journey of finding a workable solution for your small bathroom.


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