Advantages of Global Financial Reports for Indian Businesses

Financial reports or statements are the most important and standard records that showcase all the financial activities and standing of a business. Therefore, if you are an Indian business owner looking to expand your business globally, it is crucial to have knowledge of global financials. Read this blog to understand its importance and benefits and how you can prepare and get such reports.

Global Financial Reports for Indian Businesses

What are Global Financial Reports?

These are a standard set of global finance reports that help your business conduct comparisons between companies spread across different nations. Moreover, these reports are universally acceptable and comprehended by global investors, stakeholders, accountants, etc., which makes these statements an absolute necessity.

Benefits of Global Finance Reports

To help you understand the importance of global finance reports, we have compiled a list of benefits to encourage you to use this asset for assessing various business factors.

  1. Comparison: The standardised view of statements across all international markets allows you to compare and analyse your financial position. Besides that, these reports also help stakeholders and creditors to view and compare companies to make sound investment decisions, in case you plan to grow in other international markets.
  2. Work with International Currency: When you have access to global finance reports, it is easier to transact in different currencies as they use daily live rates, so you do not have to search it every time you deal with a foreign entity. Working with multiple international currencies will help you grow as an organisation and improve your overall revenue.
  3. Ease to Understand: Dealing with foreign clients becomes easier when you have global finance reports as they are understandable by everyone. Moreover, you won’t have to comprehend complex local filing formats when onboarding an international client, customer, stakeholder, vendor, etc.
  4. Better Decision Making: Along with comparison, global finance reports also help you analyse, export, share data that you need and initiate your own financial derivations, ratios, charts, etc. This allows you to strategise new programmes, objectives and goals to compete and excel in the market.

Who can Help you Get Access to Global Finance Reports?

Very few known firms give businesses the leverage of standardised, comparable global financial reports. One of which is Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Financials. It is a top-rated and valuable platform. They aid you in comparing Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss accounts and Ratios that are essential to know the financial performance of prospects, customers, and vendors across different countries. Furthermore, they deliver consistent data and insights about firms across nations, industries and financial criteria. Their interface stores more than 140 million+ financial statements of worldwide companies, along with continuous data updates.

So, if you are interested in employing such kind of research and financial tool for your Indian business or learn more about the interface, sign up on Dun & Bradstreet’s official website to get in touch with them.


Nothing can stop you now from approaching international clients and expanding your business in the global market. Use advanced tools, like D&B’s Global Financials, to stay ahead of the competition and mark your presence.

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