Best LED Light Colors to Display with Mirrors in Residential & Commercial Areas

Color is an essential part of interior design as it adds to the ambiance and creates a suitable atmosphere depending on the room it is being used. When the LED light colors are used with the mirrors, it not only sets an ambiance but also it creates depth to the different parts where it is used. Also, the perfect merger of the light colors and the mirrors aesthetically bring the space to life. Below are some of the best light colors to display with mirrors in residential and commercial areas.

Beautiful LED Vanity Mirrors

The bathroom vanity can be described as a wooden cabinet in the bathroom area that covers the drainage systems and where the washroom sink is placed. The vanity space is typically used for grooming purposes. You will find all sorts of beauty products in these cabinets. The vanity is known for its beautiful LED mirrors which are placed right over the sink to assist in the proper makeup application and other facial beauty routines. The LED mirror is highly advantageous because it is fitted with lights all around to help one not to miss the spots around their face. White LED light is the best for this space because it is used to assist in proper lighting of the face and to show the best skin tone. White light is the best light for beauty application as it showcases the original skin color thus makes it easier for beauty product application.

Full Length Entrance Mirrors with Complementing LED Lights

The living room entrance is also one of those places where a large wall mirror can be used. These wall mirrors are essential because they are used to when one is heading out. You are bound to stop and have a look at yourself in the mirror to determine whether or not you are looking good. The yellow light is the best for a living room space; it sets the comfy feeling that gives someone warmth that a home is supposed to. Therefore, it would be wise to fix the yellow led light color around the large wall mirror. The color not only creates a comfy feeling but also adds to the ambiance and may create depth in the living area

Attach LED Lights on the Kitchen Mirror Backsplash

Backsplashes can be described as the wall protecting cover that is set up above the sink in the kitchen that prevents dirty splashes from the sink water from permanently damaging the wall. Many types of backsplash can be used; they include the tile backsplash, glass backsplash, and the mirror backsplash. They both perform the same obligation, but the choice will generally depend on the client’s taste and preference. However, in this situation, the mirror backsplash is the best. You can use blue LED light around the mirror backsplash because it substantially adds to the ambiance and it creates this serene mood that would best suit the kitchen atmosphere. Blue symbolizes cleanliness. Thus, there is no better feeling that would instead accompany the kitchen atmosphere

Light your Dressing Room Mirrors with White Light

A dressing room is a section of the house which is solely dedicated to dressing up as the word suggests. It can either be a walk-in type of dress room of just merely a closet in the bedroom. This is one of the most critical places in the house for it determines the appearance of a person and how you represent yourself to the world. Therefore it should be fitted with a large wall mirror that will allow you to have a full body view of what you are wearing and small separate led mirrors for face beating if you can’t afford a vanity space. Here the white led light would serve just fine as it is meant to proper light you up and make the original presentation of yourself to the world. The white light set around the mirror allows one to have the same view as other people would have of you as you walk around. Therefore, it would be best suitable minimum alteration on the color of the cloth is needed. However, you can use small LED mirrors in the dress room to help you out with the facial dressing.

Multi Colored Gym Mirrors Lighting For Better Workout

Gym Mirrors are a necessity as it allows one to take note of the progress you are making and helps you determine what you are supposed to do differently to match what you are supposed to do. The Gym glasses are full-length mirrors which cover the whole-body movement. White light would work best for this type of event as it is meant to reflect the actual colors and body movements. However, in an aerobics section different shade of colors of LED light can be added to create this energetic feeling that would motivate the trainees to work even harder.

Create Depth in the Hallway using Mirrors

Different hallways are fitted with different types of mirrors depending on the taste and preference of the client. However, the most critical kind of mirrors is full-length mirrors. These mirrors are fixed on the walls to make the hallway feel more significant than it is. There are various needs of adding LED light around these mirrors. One is to light up the hallways as most of the corridors are always dark. For such an instance you would attach the white light, which would serve as the ambient light. However, for an already lit hallway, a cooling feel would e the best. Therefore add the blue LED color on the mirrors. This would add to the ambiance and create some depth in the space.Incredible ideas of using wall mirrors

Under the Staircase Lit with a Yellow Light on Mirrors

The under the staircase is one of the most neglected spaces in the house. The area has been neglected for so long that people fail to notice that it can be transformed to make the other living spaces look better. One of the best ways to improve the space would be by fixing mirrors on it. The LED light color to be used in the area mostly depends on where the staircase is placed. If it happens to be adjacent to the living room the bright yellow color would be the best as it adds to the ambiance giving the living space a warm, relaxed feeling. For this case, the mirror not only creates a beautiful ambiance but also makes the living room appear larger.

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