Interesting Facts about Coffee Table’s Origin & Popularity throughout Modern Age

Coffee tables exist today in different designs. They are centerpieces in both homes and offices. They are mostly used to place cups with hot coffee so that people can relax and sip it slowly. Drinking coffee slowly while taking a breather can be interesting. This has made glass coffee tables popular for modern home and office spaces. There are many designs that can be introduced into a home or office to change the interior décor. Most people that prefer having coffee tables select stylish and trendy designs so that they can stand out from the traditional home interior designs. When selecting a glass coffee table, one is required to consider the amount of space that is available.

His will help you determine whether you will buy the round or rectangular type. However, there are many other shapes that have been created by designers to satisfy the interior decor needs of modern families. Understanding the basic facts about the origin ofglass coffee tables and how they have gained popularity today would make it more interesting. Millions of people have stylish coffee tables in their homes but cannot identify the inspiration behind the designs. This article will explore different facts about coffee tables that you might not have known before.

A Brief History of Coffee Tables

It all began in the year 1652 when a coffee house was opened in London. It was first of its kind across the world. The coffee house sold coffee to people who wanted to relax away from their homes. There were good brands of coffee sold in the coffee house that it soon became popular across the country. This prompted more coffee houses to be opened up to serve the growing demand for a coffee beverage. At this point, there were no coffee tables but only tea table. The coffee tables were then introduced measuring a height of 27” from the ground. The initial coffee tables were higher than the modern ones which are only about 20-22” high. People could take coffee standing in the coffee houses started in London which gave them a great experience. Coffee tables then grew in popularity, and people started making them be used in homes.

They would be placed in living rooms in front of couches which is the most popular layout of living rooms today. The glass coffee table was then invented with the increased production of glass materials. More designs continue to be made by creative designers all over the world.

Interesting Facts about Coffee Tables

First Coffee Tables appeared in London

London is known to be the origin of the coffee tables. Britain is famous for having started the first coffee house which grew in popularity. Due to the expansion of Britain’s colonial territories to America, the idea of coffee houses and coffee tables were introduced in the states. Therefore, the United States started having coffee houses just like in London, and more coffee tables were made to help people drinking coffee and tea hold their cups as they take breaks.

The first coffee table models were created during the Victorian era

During the reign of Queen Victoria of England in the 17th century, the initial models of coffee tables were made and used all over the country. Due to the popularity of coffee and tea, the models were used both in coffee houses and in homes. Renowned designers from London made most future models from the Victorian era. If you had no idea about the first models of a coffee table, now you know their origin during the Victorian era.

Low Lying Glass Tables were inspired by Japanese Culture

In the history of Japan, they used to make ottomans that they would use as seats. They did not have couches like we do today. Therefore, they could not use the high coffee tables since they would be inconvenient for them while seated on the ottomans. Due to this, there were low lying coffee table models made getting inspiration from the ottoman design. Although the ottoman was used as a seat by the Japanese, it is today used as a center furnishing in living rooms. They can also be used in the bedroom in front of a coach.

Most Coffee Tables were designed for the Outdoors

The modern coffee tables are mostly used for interior décor in living rooms. In ancient times, the Japanese people used low lying coffee tables outdoors when they were relaxing. They would spend tie around the table as they gave stories and did other things. Despite the glass tables gaining popularity for indoor use, they can also be used for backyards and patios. However, the glass used for the tabletop must be hardened enough to avoid being damaged. If you have been looking for coffee table ideas, you can use the low lying designs to place in your patio if you need a modern exterior décor.

Similarly designed Coffee Tables were used in Greece

Greece is known to be a pioneer of many artistic things. Coffee tables with similar designs as those in London and Japan are believed to have been used in the Greek region. This means that the Greeks might have developed more sophisticated designs using glass and stone to create coffee tables. Great designers that hailed from Greece inspire most of the designs that are made today.

If you have a small apartment and looking for ideas for small kitchen you should try the round glass coffee table. It takes less space in your house and makes it look elegant and classy. Also, another idea for a small kitchen would be to include a coffee table t which is high enough to provide every possible ease to users. This can be used with stools that are also high for convenience. Looking for coffee table ideas depending on these historical facts can help transform your home from boring to amazing and welcoming.

If you find a glass coffee table that suits your interior décor needs, you should invest in it and maintain it in good condition.


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