Is Automated Invoicing beneficial for Wholesale Order Management?

There are several crucial points to consider when you are buying or selling something. Saving time, money and resources are few of them. You can do a lot of savings through various distinct ways and there are many apps and software that can help you with this.

But the most important of all is when automated invoicing is being used for wholesale order management. This system has many benefits that will be discussed late for the wholesale business. But first, it is valuable to understand the whole process.

Wholesale Order Management

The Process of Automated Invoicing:

To put it very simply in the automated invoicing every task, job and data are done with a system in which you can enter data according to the required information and can use it at the push on a single button. Whatever invoice there is to be delivered or received is done mechanically and through different software.

Problems in Invoicing Manually:

In the past companies used to have an invoicing system which was manually done so they had to face many problems throughout their tenor. The businesses suffered losses because they had to encounter difficulties that were because of several reasons.

  1. At many occasions the invoices that are not even prepared by the management. There are so many customers and the client to deal with so it can happen that an invoice is left unprepared.
  2. Delivering the invoices by hand or post can be difficult as the rider can miss out the address of the receiver.
  3. Another dispute that is related to manual invoices is that the information can be misprinted or have it all wrongly typed.
  4. The invoice can be left out for delivering either by the company or the mailing company. This is a big obstacle as people could get fined for not paying their bills on time.
  5. The process of mailing the invoices is very slow. It takes almost a week for the invoices to reach their destination and sometimes by that time the due date has finished.
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Automated vs. Manual Invoicing:

The people who still think that having automated invoicing is a waste of resources and time then this comparison of getting manual and automated will clear any doubts that inhabit the minds of businessmen.

Good for Environment:

When you are distributing invoices in the old way through the paper then it can damage the environment. More use of paper means fewer trees and it can destroy the earth and the surroundings, whereas, the use of automated invoicing is the best for the earth.

Quantity of Work:

The automated invoicing is able to conduct more work by sending many invoices at once. But the only a few invoices can be sent manually because it takes more time to prepare them and is written by hand.

Cost of Expenses:

People worry that it is waste of money and resources to have e-invoicing but in reality physically sending the invoices will cost you much more because for a lot of reasons; expenses of buying paper, sending through mail and printing. In automated invoicing, the cost of expense is fewer than expected.

The Degree of Mistakes:

When you are entering data manually on invoices it may happen that wrong information is entered and can ruin the whole document and using another one will cost money. But with automated invoices, the details of the customers are entered by only clicking.

Task Completion:

The process of completion of tasks is quicker in e-invoicing rather than when sending receipts and bills by hand.  It becomes really difficult for employees to find old data from files in the storage unit which makes it very hard to accomplish the tasks given to them. But access to bills is easier because all of it is saved on the software and apps.

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Benefits for Wholesale Order Management:

Dealing in the wholesale business is not an easy job but there are different management services that companies like Order Circle provide which makes it manageable. One mentioned above is e-invoicing which has lots of benefits for the companies that are dealing with wholesale.

Real-Time Statements:

The invoice statements that are sent or received are always accurate and in sync with the current time. It will not happen that a data is sent today and the notification id received several days after. The alerts are sent at the right time.

Payment and Receiving Receipts:

To maintain a good relationship it is important that the business done between parties have honest and sincere basis otherwise it can absolutely ruin everything. This relationship can improve when the sale and purchase slips are exchanged in proper time.

Process of Payment is Swift:

As debated earlier, the whole automated system depends on the entering of data previously, so the info of payments is also there. The management team just has to click on the desired customer or client profile and receive and sent payments in minutes and even seconds.

Customer Care is enhanced:

The speed of Processing is fast which a plus point is for the company because customers want a service which acts swiftly so they are more attracted to it. When the clients and customers are satisfied with the services they will tell others and the number of clients will increase and boost the business.

Make your Own Decision:

This automated system doesn’t need an extra admin or supervisor to keep checks. The businessman himself can keep an eye on all the invoices through an alert and notification system that ensures that the invoices are delivered on time and to the right client and customer.

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Rapid Growth of Business:

The most important benefit of this e-invoicing is that it saves a lot of time and that excess period can be used for other productive work. This can help you to increase the potential of your business even more.

Now it must be very clear to you that there are many advantages of e-invoicing when it comes to wholesale order management. By this time those people who have thought that automated invoicing is a waste of time and money are making plans now to shift to this new system.

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