Some of the Best Names in the Software Development Industry

The world has become a digitalized society, where most of our services have moved to the online realm in addition to brick-and-mortar establishments. Many companies are opting to develop software and mobile applications to promote and sell their products and services, and they hire software developers to make their app ideas a reality. While there are many software development companies in California, there are many other states that are thriving with these types of companies.

Here are some of the best names in the software development industry.

Sunvera Software

Sunvera Software

Sunvera Software is a leading software development company in Orange County. It helps small companies build their mobile and cloud migration solutions. They also help mid-size companies and startups maximize their return on investment with almost three decades of experience in the industry. They offer custom data-security solutions like application migration, remote work access, database management, custom application development, disaster recovery, and system security.


*instinctools is a technology company that’s been around since 2000 and provides clients with strategy, data, and technological transformations. They work with industries like retail travel, health care, manufacturing, and finance. They create intuitive and seamless experiences by removing complexity and adding value to their application solutions. They’ve worked on over 650 successful projects with over 350 professionals working on innovating consultation, design and architecture, tech and engineering, and customer success.


AccelOne is a software development company and talent sourcing agency with offices in North and South America. Their transparent processes and accelerated output allow them to connect with customers in engaging ways. They bring high-performing solutions as well as a talented workforce and consultants to quickly deliver your projects. AccelOne also employs teams of senior professionals in quality assurance engineering and testing. is a custom product and software development company that works with a seven-day process to align the scope of your product vision with your business goals. Its team of dedicated developers also design engaging UX/UI that are seamless as well as functional and are quickly released on the market. They work with innovative clients and companies to develop apps like REIC and Audio Test Kitchen.


At FATbit, engineers develop purpose-driven and customer-centric solutions for global companies and startups. Their software solutions are built on trust and transparency and have already produced over 5,000 enterprise-grade custom solutions with over 200 teams of technologists. Some of the companies they’ve worked with include HCL, MyCart, Excursions Dubai, and W Tutors.


ScienceSoft is a different breed of software development. They build software solutions for corporations and inter-organizational systems. They automate enterprise-wide processes and information flows that include transactions with customers, vendors, and partners. They also work on departmental software like customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, and financial management software, in addition to specific business functions and customer self-service apps. Their cross-industry apps include enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), operations management software, and human resource management (HRM), among others. Their manufacturing apps include product lifecycle management (PLM), connected vehicle systems, and spare parts management systems.



Syberry is another top software development company that can add value to your business. They create complex and mobile solutions to meet any business needs with added value and peace of mind. They offer clients custom software development, quality assurance, product development, and business analysis. Additionally, they work with legacy software modernization and leverage your resources for finance and insurance, health care, and construction needs. Their clients are also in the education, entertainment, energy and utilities, and transportation industries, providing a wide range of software solution outcomes.

These are but a handful of the companies that are now leading the industry in software development.

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