Why You Should Expect A Courtesy Car Service in Brisbane

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them! No, we’re not talking about husbands and wives, but cars!

Talk to most people about their pride and joy, and they’ll tell you it’s a love-hate relationship. When our cars are running perfectly, the air-conditioning is cool and fuel prices are low, we love our cars; driving is a pleasure.

But when we experience problems, such as unexpected breakdowns, our vehicle becomes a source of extreme stress.

One survey in the US discovered that many people consider buying a car more stressful than getting married! And as for keeping it on the road, some say it’s enough to drive them to become a cyclist! There’s no doubt about it, cars need constant attention. There’s general maintenance to consider, servicing and repairs, and not just the engine. There are tyres and brakes to worry about, wheel alignment, auto electrics and on we go.

courtesy car service

Courtesy Car Service Brisbane

The thing is, when you find yourself a good mechanic, most of that stress goes away. You not what they say, a problem shared and all that!

It’s not just that your mechanic can fix things when they go wrong but, when you find the right person, a true professional, you know the vehicle’s going to be in better overall condition, so it’s less likely to break down.

Not only that, by building a good relationship with your mechanic, you can plan ahead and budget for work that will need doing. For example, you may take your car in for a general service and your mechanic might tell you that your brakes will need doing on the next service. That gives you enough warning to plan ahead.

Courtesy Car Service Sunshine Coast

Alternatively, your mechanic might find an issue that could be quickly and cheaply fixed right now but, if you leave it, it could become a bigger more expensive job down the line.

If you tend to change mechanics every time you service your car, you’re unlikely to build this type of relationship. Why would they? You’re just one more customer. When the relationship is ongoing, it works both ways, with the mechanic always going that extra step to ensure your satisfaction.

So, what sorts of perks can you expect from such a relationship?


This is a biggie! How often have you been left standing at a bus stop or phoning a friend for a lift to work? By their very nature, service centres tend to be on the edge of town or in an industrial estate, so dropping off your car and getting to wherever you need to be can be a real headache.

It’s important to remember that mechanics are not obliged to provide a courtesy car service in Brisbane, for example, or the Sunshine Coast. They don’t make money from it, as it is a free service. But they should earn your loyalty as a customer.

The best service centre is the one that not only offers a courtesy car service on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane but also offers a pick-up and drop-off service. This is slightly different in that the mechanic will pick up your vehicle from your home or business, and then drop it back once the job is complete. This is ideal if you don’t need a car for the day.


Okay, so expertise and knowledge aren’t strictly perks – but they’re not the norm either! You could get a mechanic who does the job well, or you could get a mechanic who does the job brilliantly due to great training and knowledge built up over time. For example, if you drive a European car, you should take it to a European vehicle specialist. That way you know the mechanic knows what he or she is doing, has genuine parts and the right diagnostic tools. This will save you time and money in the long run.


True, this can sometimes be pure hype to get you to sign up, but it can also be a genuine opportunity to access extra special service, great deals, discounts and freebies. If your mechanic offers this type of program be sure to ask what’s in it for you!


Not all mechanical workshops have access to the latest technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. Equipping a workshop is expensive and you couldn’t possibly expect a one-man-workshop to have all of this.

For an older vehicle, it’s not such a big deal. However, if you drive a new car, especially a European vehicle, diagnostic tools are essential to properly fix the problem. Without it, you could be paying for hours and hours of investigative work under the bonnet.


Again, good customer service should be a given, but we all know it’s not. From the moment someone answers your initial phone call, you should expect nothing but excellent customer service. Good manners cost nothing but could make you a customer for life.

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