WordPress: Simple Reviews Widget – Get Star Ratings in Google

Web development is becoming more thought-provoking because of the unique and attractive themes of the WordPress. As compared to other content management systems, WordPress is easy to manage and design because of user-friendly Plugins & widgets in it.

Although many review plugins are available to get reviews from the customers and show the star results in Google search results, but these are difficult to use for beginners. However, ‘The Simple Reviews Widget’ excludes the trouble for the newbies to get and display the reviews obtained from the customers.

Simple Reviews Widget

Introduction to Simple Reviews Widget

Simple Review Widget is the simplest of all review widgets and most powerful to get the credentials from the customers of a business. Unlike other review widgets, this widget of WordPress allows the user to add the views of the customers easily at the backend of the WordPress site. The widget can be added by simple Drag & Drop option and customize the widget according to your WordPress theme. After all, the user only needs to publish the widget, and it will display the reviews on the site.

Star Ratings on Google

This widget does not only feature the reviews on the website of the company but also allows showing ratings on Google through schema markup. This optional feature can be used if you have Schema placed in your site and help you to show your score on Google search.

The customization option in the Simple Review widget highlights the widget amongst other widgets. The user can change the colour of stars, text colours, background colour and font on Google. This feature helps the designer to highlight the reviews about the company on the Google search to gain the visitors on the website.


The exclusive features of the “Simple Review Widget” are listed below.

– Simple Use with Drag & Drop Option
– Includes Review title, content, star rating, name, location, category, company name & link
– Colours Customization on Google
– Font Customization of Text on Google
– Schema Option can be used
– Entirely Responsive Widget
– Can be published on Website with Different languages

The above features of the plugin uniquely identify the characteristics that differentiate the plugin from other review widgets and provide full customization to the user to show the reviews according to the theme of WordPress Website. Likewise, the plugin can be installed easily as other plugins can be installed on WordPress.


After the brief review about the plugin, it can be concluded that it is the most useful and “easy to use” plugin to show the reviews on the Website. The user can entirely customize the widget on the website to show the reviews attractively according to the theme of the website to adjust it. The customization feature makes it unique from other review widgets and always be the best option for any WordPress designer to use for the reviews of any business. The review can also be added on Google with Scheme option to show its worth in the Google search.

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