4 Steps on Designing and Selling Clothing Merchandise Online

It is important to know how to design and sell clothing merchandise because it gives opportunities for people to turn their fashion sense into a small business.

In the past, people used to only be able to show their creative fashion sense by going out and buying the latest clothing lines that came out. Now, with the internet, you can actually become an online seller yourself, creating something that you know you want in your own closet and then sell it through online marketing methods.

Designing and Selling Clothing Merchandise Online

The main thing is you can choose your own thoughts for the clothing stuff. That is the most important thing in designing your own clothing because you have control over it. There are so many different things you can come up with as far as ideas go.

With that said, here are the steps that you need to follow in order for your small business to prosper and have a wider market. Not only will you project your own fashion to the online community, but you will also earn money from it.

Identify Your Target Market

The toughest part of setting up an online clothing store is the content. You need to know your target market, what they want, and how you can please them.

If you are selling women’s clothing, then it is important that you focus on just women’s clothing. If you start out trying to target both men and women, or fall under the category of plus size fashion, then you will have a hard time trying to please everyone.

Also, if you are targeting those who have the same experience and hobby as you are, then do so. Having an online clothing store that sells graphic tees that shows both style and patriotism is popular these days. Your target market will feel proud and confident whenever they wear your clothing design.

Just remember to know your target market and start from that. Knowing how to figure out who your customers are, where they are located, who your competition is, and how much they are earning goes a long way.

Let Your Artistic Skills Shine and Create Unique Designs

There are a full set of factors and details that you need to consider when designing your clothing merchandise. They include your target market style, color preferences, images and words, and main idea.

It is not easy at all to design merchandise, as you have to put a lot of effort into creating the best one. Not only that, but you will also need to check if this design is attractive enough and if it appeals to the crowd.

Aside from these factors, it is also important to create an appealing theme that attracts customers – especially those who are new in your niche market.

Promote Your Merchandise

If you’re a designer looking to sell your brand, there are many websites that offer the ability to market clothing professionally.

It can be hard to stand out among so many other designers, but with the right resources, it’s easy to sell your own merchandise clothing on the right site.

While such sites will not solve all of your problems, they can make marketing your brand significantly easier. This can help in significantly increasing your visibility in a wider market. More visibility means more potential customers that will ultimately lead to more sales.

Create a Sense of Engagement

Creating a sense of engagement with your customers will lead to more people coming back and buying your merchandise again.

One of the best ways to market and sell your tees and clothing is to utilize social media. This includes everything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and more.

One way to gain a strong following on your social media is to utilize hashtags. The use of hashtags will not only help you meet new people in your niche, but it will also give your brand a sense of engagement.


When designing shirts, it can be pretty rewarding to see people wearing your custom-designed clothes.

The reality is that it’s not easy to do, but applying the steps listed above and putting a good amount of effort can really get you and your clothing brand a long way.

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