Social Platforms To Gain Momentum in 2022

Social media industry is an ever-growing industry. It constantly changes from time to time. The way Facebook and Instagram look today was not the same five years ago. Both the platforms launch frequent updates and undergo changes consistently. Through this, you could have an understanding of the change in the landscape of the social applications. For instance, Instagram was a picture-centric social platform when it was launched. Today, it has undergone considerable transformations and has become a video-centric social channel. Thus, the social media industry transforms rapidly with the advent of new technologies and according to the people’s interests. In this article, I’m about to show you some of the social platforms that can gain popularity in the coming times.

Social Platforms To Gain Momentum in 2022


Clubhouse is an audio-centric social application that may have massive growth in the coming times. The application began its journey on Android phones in May 2021. Today, this social application has been downloaded on more than three million Android phones. According to a study conducted by Engieapp, if the user base of this social application increases at this rate of speed, soon it may grow as a massive competitor for Facebook and Instagram. This audio-centric social platform has gained immense popularity as people from all age groups are making a move into this audio-centric social application.


In recent times, live stream videos are having good traction across all the social applications. Due to this, we can see an increasing trend of many new live stream video social applications. If you consider the traction of live videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they are considerably high. In recent times, Twitch is a live-stream video social channel that has gained vast popularity among people. This live-stream gaming application has driven avid gamers towards it. This social platform enables the users to live stream their gaming videos and interact with the viewers in real-time. People who are watching the video may also provide insights to score points in a game. Thus, this interactive application gives a new experience to the people. This platform has garnered a large number of Generation Z towards it. So, if you are a marketer focused on this age group, you can utilize this platform for doing brand promotions. The gamers on this social application can also buy twitch followers package, which provides them seamless growth and helps them to grow as an influencer.


Today, audio-centric platforms have massive growth. Storytel is one such social platform that is gaining momentum gradually. The application has stories, novels in the form of audio content. Hence, this kind of content is gaining huge reach. Currently, many people are fond of hearing audio content. Hence, such forms of content are gaining a vast reach. At present, this social application is having a rise in its user base at a fast pace. Engieapp, a leading digital marketing firm, states that Storytel may garner people of all ages towards it.

Wrapping Up:

New social applications are getting introduced on both the play store and app store frequently. However, not all applications can gain a massive reach. A minimal number of social channels are able to sustain the competition and have vast growth.

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