Applications To Invest In Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds has become a trend today to secure your finances for the future. They offer financial stability moving forward and the value of the money grows at a stimulated rate over the years. They have gained incessant popularity that is ever-growing in today’s scenario and looks like it will last forever. A petty amount of Rs 500 per month would suffice to have a mutual fund investment.

This raging awareness of mutual fund schemes has had a deep impact on the digital world where multiple applications have been springing up in the recent past for mutual funds investment. Each of these applications has a way of assessing the power of all mutual fund schemes and filtering the best one that deems fit for you. They also guide the investors to keep a tab on their investments and portfolios by deciding which type of mutual fund suits them the best.

In this article, we will delineate factors about what are the best applications that can get the better of your mutual fund investments. The buying and selling factors of each different investment would vary and choosing the ones that match your preference seems to be a significant step in that direction.

Applications To Invest In Mutual Funds


This application in your mobile phone serves the best if you are a newbie stepping into the world of mutual funds. This just has everything to offer to guide people in the right way when it comes to their financial decision. This application makes your job easy in all proportions and directs you perfectly with respect to any type of mutual fund investment you decide upon. The application is user-friendly in its very nature, as the interface is designed to ease your transactions and viewing to a larger extent. There are no complications in the internal navigation of the application where every operation takes place instantly and is on the spot. It is generally a smart application that allows you to track all the investments and analyse the portfolios of the family at ease.


This application has an interesting story as to its origination which is intriguing in its own sense. It was designed by a bunch of IITians and engineers who perfected the app to improve its smartness. It has an expansive nature where every type of mutual fund can be scrutinized and the best ones can be filtered in accordance with your choice. It acts as a hub for several categories of investments and there is an able support from the expense manager in the application which steers your expenses the right way without any glitches. The rating for this app is commendable which has given a mass appeal for all its users.

MyCams mutual fund app:

This application is considered to be too practical in its purpose. It has a mechanism to function faster and smarter than the rest of all the applications in the market. Sometimes it is important to single out an application that eases the process for you. Not many apps do that in the current scenario and the one that just fits the bill is none other than MyCams. This manages your portfolio to the best of its form and any operations related to it like redeeming, purchasing, and selling are easily accessible with it. It is interactive in nature and the intuitiveness it possesses is brilliant in totality. It has been conferred with a high rating of 4.4 in the Google Play Store.

Groww app:

Groww app

This is the most predominantly used application across India and is growing rapidly as one of the major contributors in the realm of mutual funds. It is simple in design and does not require any high-profiling paperwork or procedures to fulfil the process. If you have multiple investments to take care of, then the only application you cling to is the Groww app. The commission cost is nil and it is also open for direct mutual investments. It also acts as an informational hub where you get the latest update on financial news.

Paytm Money:

Paytm Money

Paytm is already a popular payment channel application that has been in rounds for a long time now. What we don’t know about the app is that it is also one of the best applications for mutual fund investments. The features it boasts are trustworthy as there is transparency involved in all transactions of this application. The security aspect of the application is also very commendable as there is no chance for any external invasion of your data. Switching over from regular plan to direct plan is easier in this application.

Zerodha Coin:

There is no alternative to this application if you are investing in direct mutual funds. This has been established as the best mutual fund application which has outnumbered the investors in any other application. It has got unique features which befit the demands of the customers in today’s scenario. The highest capital gain with good returns is a possibility in this application which offers a good filtering option to the customers to choose from 34 MNCs.

Sometimes people come up with ambiguity as to which type of plan is better. Direct plans seem to work better than the regular plan in terms of affordability and economic concerns. A direct plan does not call for commissions which ease the expense factor to extremes. The long-term investments could suck some high amount, and we ought to get ready with the money.


Mutual fund investments have become a common practice in today’s world and the digital premise for such an opportunity promises us a great deal. There have been many applications on the rise which has helped us steer through mutual fund investments all along. All we have to do is choose the perfect platform which suits our demands & needs, and leverage it to our benefit to the maximum.

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