Are You A Novice into Video Editing? Try These 8 Software

So, what do you think you need to create professional-looking videos easily and quickly? You might be thinking that having a degree or certification is necessary, or at least a high-powered computer filled with the latest tech.

To be honest, those things are surely helpful in video editing, but it’s wrong to assume that you can’t make great videos without all that. Nowadays, with the right editing software, you can deliver the coolest videos even while being a complete novice at it.

Novice into Video Editing

Now, the problem with finding a good video editing software for beginners is that you have way too many options to take your pick from. It’s too time-consuming to sift through all the options to find the right one, isn’t it?

No need to search one among hundreds of options because here’s the list of the top eight video editing software that you must try out!

1. Wondershare Filmora9

While the FilmoraPro is a good choice for the advanced users, the beginners will find all that they need in Filmora9. You get a ton of features to work with, and the intuitive user interface is a big help.

The sound enhancement, preview quality adjustment, and processing speed modifications are highly useful in video editing. It also has a really cool title tool that lets you superimpose and rotate titles over your videos as you want.

Top features:In-built screen recorder and webcam; easy sharing; title tool

Cost:$59.99 (One-time payment), $39.99 for one year

2. Adobe Premiere Elements

Don’t let the high price tag of the software turn you away because it comes with some really great features. Besides, you can bundle it with other Adobe software, which makes this online video editormore affordable overall.

Premiere Elements is made for beginners. In fact, the fact that it has more than twenty guided editing options is one of its main selling points. So, you will not only get to edit your videos to perfection; it will also teach you more about video editing.

Top features:Free thirty-days trial version; guided editing tools; host of tools

Cost:$99.99 (One-time payment)

3. CyberLink PowerDirector 365

CyberLink might not seem like a ‘beginner’ kind of option, but it has enough support material to help you edit videos as you like. You will get all the editing options that you will ever need, but that’s not all.

Besides the standard editing options, there are title animations, an in-built recorder, transition effects, motion tracking, green screen editing, and more to help you out. CyberLink has versions available for all the major mobile and desktop operating systems.

Top features:Compatibility with all major OS; multiple sharing options; affordability

Cost:$79.99 (One-time payment)

4. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is a great tool when you are an iOS user looking for a great video editing tool. It helps you to easily and quickly edit video clips and combine multiple videos together. You also get to duplicate, split, and shorten the clips to create the final product.

What’s great about iMovies is that it’s super-easy to publish the videos with loads of sharing options. As the software is so popular, you will find tons of tutorials out there to help you.

Top features: Loads of support material; easy to use; sufficient sharing options

Cost:Comes free when you buy Mac

5. VideoCreek

This is a free video editing tool that comes in a full-featured free version. You will get watermarked videos with VideoCreek, but the watermark is too subtle for anyone to notice much.

It is a completely web-based tool, which is a good thing because it lets you edit videos from anywhere and at any time you want. One of the best things about this tool is that it comes with thousands of editable video templates that help in speeding up your work.

Top features: Thousands of templates; highly usable free version; good UI/UX

Cost:Free; $49 (lifetime membership to remove the watermark)

6. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a bit on the pricier side but totally worth every penny. It comes loaded with all the features that you expect to get in top-range editing software. So, there is motion tracking, multi-cam, 360-degree video support, and 4K support.

But, the best thing about the software is its amazing rendering speed, which is unmatched by most products in the market. In spite of all these features, Pinnacle is still user-friendly enough for the beginners.

Top features: Mind-blowing rendering speeds; a complete range of features

Cost:$129.95 (One-time payment)

7. Corel VideoStudio

Corel comes with all the features that you would want in a good video editing software. But, it takes things a notch higher with its motion tracking feature. It is one of the few software where you will get the feature.

Motion tracking lets you track particular objects all the while you are editing. So, for instance, you can give a cute bonnet to one of your characters or get an arrow to constantly point at him in the entire video.

Top features: Motion tracking, 360-degree and 4K support

Cost:$51.99 (One-time payment)

8. Nero Video

Nero offers one of the cheaper options in video editing software that will definitely suit you if you are a beginner. It comes with all the tools and features that you can expect to find in a good video editing software, but it’s priced way less than many other available choices.

You will have to sacrifice a bit of functionality and speed, and it will also not help you in learning how to edit videos. But, Nero will be highly useful once you get the hang of using it.

Top features: Low pricing; easy for the beginners

Cost:$49.99 (One-time payment)


Whether you are the owner of a startup or a budding social media influencer, you are sure to find the right software among the options discussed above. So, get your content ideas ready, pick an option among the top eight, and get ready to capture the attention of your target audience.

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