3 Best Weather Websites For Accurate Forecast

One thing that we can assume without a doubt is the fact that climate and weather conditions have become extremely unpredictable. The reason for summer’s becoming unbearable and the winter and rainy seasons making us guess which season it is, is Global Warming, no matter how much we wish to deny it. In these extremely unpredictable situations, the one thing that can help us better plan our day and vacations ahead are weather forecast channels and websites. We have compiled a list of the top 3 best weather websites. You should have at least 1 of them to make sure you don’t get caught on a rainy day without an umbrella.

Best Weather Websites

Before we get to the list, let’s first understand the general principle through which most of the websites get the data. Some channels and sites may use other methods to deliver information but the most generally accepted source is as mentioned below:

  • The United States has a division that looks into weather forecasting. They run what is called the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The agency is responsible for gathering information
  • WMO then sends the data collected to regional agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the US or the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) in India
  • The information from the regional office is then passed on to the final service providers that filter the information based on the requirement of their clients. For instance, people working at seaports would be more concerned with the wave height or wind conditions near their work area whereas people living near cyclone-prone areas want to know the next predicted cyclone warning
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So with this information in hand, let’s discuss the top 3 best weather websites. The list provided below is the compilation of websites that are free of cost, making them suitable for everyday use:

1 – National Weather Service

Of Course, the first one had to be the most trusted website of all because the website is like Big Brother, as the name itself suggests. Weather information can easily be obtained from the website of the National Weather Service and the user experience has recently gotten better after the website was updated.

National Weather Service

The website of the National Weather Service offers animations and radar products to understand wind strength and rain intensity. However, the website has its fair share of drawbacks. For instance, the image on the site is not as clear as you would want and there is no app for the website, which means you will need to visit the website on your smart device browser.


  • The main site for all weather forecast details
  • Enhanced user interface
  • All the offerings on the website are free of cost and the entire suite of radar information is available on the site


  • The resolution lacks the finish a user expects as it remains grainy

2 – Windy

Windy, just like its name, is like a breath of fresh air for all outdoor lovers, especially pilots or boaters. With comprehensive radar information, Windy is capable of providing wind-related information in the most convenient and visually appealing way. The app allows you to overlay different types of information like cloud cover and precipitation to get a better idea of how your day would look like.

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windy weather websites

The major drawback with Windy is its lag time, It is generally 5 minutes behind the actual situation. People working on living in areas that are prone to adverse weather conditions understand the result of what a 5-minute delay can cause. The user interface may also become a little too complicated for an average user and is more suitable for experienced professionals who know exactly what they are looking for.


  • The website has a lot of weather-related information
  • The maps on the website are visually attractive to look at


  • The user interface may be complicated for people who just want basic information about the day’s weather
  • The data updated on the website is generally 5 minutes delayed from the actual situation which can potentially put the users at risk

3 – The Weather Channel:

It is by far one of the most rated and loved weather forecasting channels across all the other options, As per the Forecast Advisor, it also managed to constantly obtain top-ranking status with the most accurate information across the country.

The Weather Channel is a more general app which means that it does not specialize in specific settings but it offers some great radar features. For example, a user can efficiently zoom in or out of the image. You can zoom down to the street level making it one of the most detailed weather forecasting websites.

The Weather Channel

What makes it so loved amongst the users is its ability to forecast storm conditions from the next 6 hours for which it uses the company’s intellectual property of short-range modeling.

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  • The user interface is well-designed and easy to use
  • The website allows users to access weather information, news, and other video coverage related to the weather


  • If you wish to access high-quality radar images, you will have to pay some extra cost
  • The free radar version tends to smoothen out the radar to a high extent

Now that we have discussed the top best 3 weather websites, it’s time to know if the information given out by these sites is accurate.

Well, it depends on the days for which you want the information. For instance, if you wish to know what tomorrow’s weather conditions would be like, you can be sure that the app you are using is giving you the right information. If you want a 5-day forecast, experts claim that the websites are nearly 90% accurate. In the case of a 7-day forecast, the accuracy is around 80%, and so on.


With this, we come to the end of our list of the top 3 best weather websites. There are some paid versions, apps, and websites available too and if wish to get real-time and the most accurate data, you should invest in one if your requirements permit. Using a weather forecasting app or website is always a good habit because you will never get caught off guard.

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