Buy Or Rent – Which Is Better in Pune

Did you move into Pune recently due to a job opportunity you simply couldn’t refuse? Or were you always a citizen here but have become bored with your locality and with your old apartment?

If you are looking for a new place but are confused as to whether you should buy or rent a place in Pune, well we have come to the right place. Once you look through the pros and cons, you can decide whether you want to rent an apartment or buy a row house in Pune. Simply search your heart you should find the answer to your question.

Though, one fun fact, Economic Times believes Pune is one of the few cities where it’s more affordable to buy a house.

1. Is This Your City?

This again brings us back to the question on whether you are here for a job opportunity or are you a permanent citizen of Pune? If you are a permanent citizen, is there a chance you will live the city once you get a better job opportunity somewhere else?

If you’re here due to a new job, are you going to continue with this job for the rest of your life? Are you planning on settling here?

I know what you are thinking. If you buy the house, it can be counted as an asset. However, we must remember, real estate asset is counted as a liquid asset. You can’t predict whether the prices will go up or down by the time you want to liquify it. There’s a high chance you might end up receiving way less than what you had to pay for the house.

It has been noted that renting a place provides one with more flexibility when it comes to relocating for their jobs or simply for the need to move to a new city to acquire new skills, as there is a wonderful lack of EMIs.

2. Is It Affordable?

Real estate is no easy investment. If you are a tax paying citizen of India, you need to be certain you can afford the house you’re planning on buying. Even if you can take a loan, the capital of a house can be huge.

This kind of investment makes sense when you’re certain you are going to be here for a long time. It’s imperative that you have 25 percent of the down payment at hand before making such a big decision. You can get an idea of total calculations for living versus rent.

It should be noted that even in case of rent, you have to account in the monthly payment and your first down payment. Though the down payment is kept as insurance by most homeowners, the monthly payment changes based on the area. Sometimes, it can be so high, that when you factor in what you had to pay in a year, a house turns out to be more affordable in another area.

Buy it somewhere in an area where it’s close to your workplace. In these cases, you could buy a row house in Pune. Housing complexes of this nature are usually made with travel cost and nearness to areas where offices are located.

3. What About The Loan?

Do you have any experience in taking home loans? Are you acquainted with someone who has? If so, you should consult with them before taking any step in this regard. The duration for home loans is longer than any other kind of loan plans available out there. The sum amount and the installment amount you need to give for a home loan is also large in number.

If you are brave enough to take home loans, you need to make sure you have all the resources you need to pay it in the long run. Something like sudden unemployment, medical emergencies at home or any other circumstances which can not be predicted should not come in your way of repaying the loans.

4. How About A Smaller Size House?

These days, smaller houses have become the norms. The constant up and down for real estate has led developers to fear the lack of customers. To satisfy the customers need for a house, developers have taken to downsizing the property and making it more affordable. While affordability sounds great, are you absolutely certain you want to live in a small house?

You might have a specific requirement for where you want to live in and a house that makes you feel locked in is not a good option. Similarly, you can’t buy a property that is way above your income level and ends up going into debt.

There are other options, of course. There are certain complexes that are big and spacious and are available for both sale and rent. You can buy or rent one of those row houses in Pune and live a simple but happy life.

5. What About Your Other Goals?

More or less, everyone dreams of buying a house. Whether you want this for your future children or your family, or for yourself, we all have this dream. It’s the ultimate financial goal for most people. However, it’s not the only financial goal.

You also have other dreams, both for yourself and your family. Maybe you’re dreaming or pursuing higher education, or want to travel the world. Maybe you want your children to get all the education they need and all the comfort of the world.

If you buy too big of a house, chances are, you will end up in financial constraint over everything in your life.

Whether you are planning on buying a house or renting one, you have to factor in these little goals. Your one dream should not become a roadblock for your other dreams.

Now that you know the factors you should consider before buying a house, we will leave the actual decision on whether buying or renting a house is a better option in a city like Pune.


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