Data Scientist Course – A Helpful Course To Become A Data Scientist

Why is there a need for data scientists?

Nowadays, most information is being digitized. There is a lot of data stored online like in cloud systems and other web platforms. There is a large amount of data that is being generated every day due to the rapid change in the field of analytics. Data scientists have become a necessity for all companies. To make sense out of the data, businesses with expertise in different fields like finance, retail, banking, marketing and IT are searching for a data scientist. As per the recent study conducted by IBM, a data scientist is a job role that is trending in the 21st century resulting in companies providing lucrative salary packages. This role is such that any individual from any background can become a data scientist.

Data Scientist Course

In which fields are data science applied?

Data science is applied and required in all fields that deal with data and information. Some of the fields in which data science is actively applied are given below.

  • Marketing Companies

Data science has a wide scope in the marketing field. For instance, companies such as Uber uses data science tools in improving pricing strategies that allow them to boost their profits.

  • Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare, there is wearable equipment that monitors and reduces health issues. Data science is used extensively in healthcare to analyze and detect any anomalies in the data generated from the body to prevent any future illnesses from happening.

  • Banking and Finance Sectors

The data science is applied in the banking and finance field for detecting fraud and theft. Also, it is helpful in decreasing the amount of non-performing assets for banks.

  • Policies from government

Data science is used by the government to develop better policies to cater to the expectations and needs of the public and the government will receive better results by using data science tools like conducting surveys and other forms of tools.

Skills needed to become a data scientist


  • An individual needs to have an in-depth understanding of the R tool. R is a tool of data analysis, which is used as a programming language or a platform for statistical analysis and data visualization.
  • Knowledge in Python coding is required since Python is significantly used to make use of mathematical models and aspects as Python possesses vast libraries and packages to create and dispose of models.
  • You need to be skilled in MS Excel since being skilled in it is considered to be a basic skill required for all data entry roles. This application is extensively used in analyzing data, applying formulae and equations and creating diagrams out of cluttered data.
  • You also need to be skilled in the Hadoop platform. It is an open-source distributing framework process. This platform is used in managing the storage and processing of big data applications.
  • There needs to be an interest in technology because there is so much unsystematic data out there. Therefore, it is necessary for someone to know how access the data. This can be performed in various ways like using APIs or web servers.

So, if you wish to become a data scientist, you need to possess all these skills mentioned above and need to have an interest in understanding data science. If you feel that data science is your right career field, then you need to attend a data scientist course.

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