Gmail Features to Know

Every student has an email address because they need it to communicate with a fellow students, professors, and many other professionals outside the college fraternity. When you know shortcuts and suitable features to use on Gmail, you have an easy time managing your emails. You can easily schedule emails so that you don’t mess up your schedules.

Helpful features like snoozing and smart replies allow you to have a fulfilling experience when you’re using Gmail. Google is always adding beneficial features to give you the best email experience.

When new changes get rolled out, you should update your application to access new features. The good thing about Google is that they show you how to use these new features so you know what to do.

Shortcuts allow you to promptly communicate with online writing services like my dissertation team. As you know, dissertations are time-consuming projects that require dedication and assistance from professionals.

Here is a list of Gmail features and how to use them.

Gmail Features to Know

1. Snooze Messages

The first useful feature has got to be snoozing messages. This is a feature that allows you to save unread emails for later. As you know, sometimes you can be so busy that you don’t have the time to read incoming emails.

When an email that requires a thoughtful response pops up on your screen, you can snooze it and get back to it when you’re ready with a worthy reply.

To do this, you’ll need to select the snooze option and Gmail will save the message for later. This way you don’t have to drop everything you’re doing just to reply to an email. You get to choose when the email can re-appear so that you reply.

2. Expanded Right-Click Menu

The second helpful feature you should know about is the expanded right-click menu. This is a quick way for you to handle tasks on a busy day. On the right-click menu, there are features that allow you to mark an email as unread or read, archive messages, delete and so on.

Instead of going around in circle, trying figure out where a given feature is, use the expanded right-click menu to get things done. You also get quick access to reply and forward functions.

In case you need additional messages from a given sender, you can also use this shortcut. Explore the right click menu to find out what features can help you streamline your day.

3. Inline Action Buttons

This is a unique addition to Gmail that usually give you easier access to your frequently used actions. Inline action buttons pop up when you open a message and you can choose which button you want to use.

The main buttons that are in the lineup are archive, delete, mark as read or unread, as well as snooze. These four buttons are the most used actions for many that use Gmail. With a single click, you get to take care of a message and move on to what you were doing.

4. Gmail will Nudge You

If a message feels like there is a message you need to respond to, they’ll nudge you even if you didn’t snooze it. This is a helpful feature because we tend to forget a lot on busy days. The nudge feature is activated when you leave an email unread for days at a time.

This is a machine learning feature that springs into action without your input. It’s an innovative feature that saves you from losing opportunities or disappointing people. This is the difference between meeting deadlines and completely forgetting you had a deadline to meet.

5. Schedule Emails

Lastly, the schedule email is a feature that helps you send an email even when you’re not near a smartphone or computer.

This is an excellent feature because it ensures you have things still going as planned even when you’re not available. For instance, if you feel you might forget to send a colleague a birthday message, you can schedule an email so that you don’t have to worry about it.

When you schedule an email, Google allows you to choose the date as well as the time when it should be sent.

To get to this feature, go to options in your menu and from the drop down menu, choose ‘Schedule Send.’ From here, Gmail will give you prompts to follow. Now you can run errands and let Gmail deliver emails for you at the right time.


Gmail features come in handy for students as well as professionals. Since the world is digitalized, everyone has an email address for formal communication purposes. When you learn where all the shortcuts are, you get to make your day more productive. Unique Gmail features come in handy on busy days when you’re swamped with work. Making the most of the features ensures that you enjoy suing Gmail for your emails.

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