Earn Money Online – $100+ Monthly – Without Investment

In this post, I will show you how to earn $100+ monthly without any investment and experience. So, let’s begin!

What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is a money making website launched in February 2007 with the concept of paying its members for viewing advertisements.

Clixsense owns now 6million members from all over the world and still growing at a consistent rate.

You can easily make money from their program and the most interesting part is that they do not require investment to start.

How to make money in Clixsense?

You can make money in the following ways such as:

Playing Clix Grid games
Complete Tasks
Complete Offers
Visiting the forum
Attending surveys


How much money can you earn with Clixsense?

There is not a definite answer to this question because the more you work more you will earn.

So, let’s suppose you complete 5 surveys daily, then you will be able to make 5$ to 10$ daily with only completing surveys. You can earn more by completing Tasks and Offers.

In this way, you can make $10+ daily and $300+ monthly!

That’s not the end!

This is another great option for making money. You can earn unlimited income with the affiliate program provided by ClixSense.

You will get lifetime income from every person that you refer in ClixSense.

You will earn 3 different types of income from each of the person you refer to ClixSense.

  1. Up to $0.3 instant income for every referral
  2. $2 bonus when each of your referral earns $5.
  3. For every approved Survey, Offer and Task your referrals complete you earn 30% commission.

Suppose you referred 20 people and each of your referral earns $50 monthly from surveys, offers and tasks then your monthly earning will be $50 x (30/100)=$15×20 (referral)=$300.

So, you will make $300 extra from your referrals without doing anything.

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