The Best Laptop For College Students Under $200 [Acer Chrome]

Acer laptop
Acer laptop

The Best Laptop For College Students Under $200 [Acer Chrome]

There was a time when purchasing a laptop was seriously hurting your pocket. Most of the laptops were expensive and out of the budget of students especially. But today due to the advancement and saturated market you can find the best laptop for college students under $200 even because of the competitive market. That means now the top laptops would not hurt your pocket. In other best laptops for students have the worth to prove itself by performing like a progressive working horse.

It is a fact that along with portability laptops today gives you choice in occupying low space and yes, of course, the control budget for a quality computing device. Let us reveal the insight story of Acer Chrome which is offering $135 price tag.

Acer Chrome The Best Laptop Under $200

By looking at the price tag in comparison with other best laptops out there from some well-reputed companies. Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell and many more on the list with a different approach to attract their customers the companies providing their services as per their branding concern. Acer Laptops around the market are also costly and expensive when you go for high specs and features.

When one plan to get an expensive laptop due to some of the basic upgrades on the laptop. But if we see the low budget laptops also offers some progressive specs and features. This triggered in my mind to select a laptop that could give you your required tasks on the go and also not hurt your vault.

What Do We like About Acer Chrome Laptop?

An unbiased comparison of this piece with other Acer laptops there is not a big difference if you want a basic device that could be able to perform all the tasks related to your studies. The low price of this computing device is also due to the refurbished condition as well. Though all of the same models are not coming refurbished you can have a brand new one with a slight difference in the price tag. The best part on this deal is it would cost you only $195, that is pretty convincing for a student with basic requirements of a laptop.

What Does It offer?

You would unpack a 14” Celeron N3160 1.60 GHz, 4GB Ram, 32 GB storage with ChromeOS. The features and specs sound incredibly great. Like you would have all the basic required option along with a slim and sleek laptop that would have hardly 3.41-pound of weighing capacity. It simply means your backpack is ready with your laptop for college.

You know? This Acer laptop is offering a 1920 x 1080 pixel per inch LED screen. I am impressed with the OS system on this laptop for students.

Actually, you would have a Chrome Operating System on this piece of beauty. Smoothly passed the speed benchmark test and the OS performance test on 4GM Random Access Memory.

Don’t forget to read this part about this best laptop for college students under 200. The dimensions of this device are measured as L-9.3 x W-13.4 x H-0.7 inches. Intel process in onboard to support the mechanism of hardware combination on this Acer Laptop. You would have a cam on the top of the screen bezel to enjoy live video calls with your friends and family. An audio jack to connect headphones and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

The laptop is compatible with wireless connectivity with your wireless devices. Simply you got a jackpot which has enabled you to connect through 802.11-bgn wireless Wifi Router connectivity band to serve you with the opportuneness of internet. So what else you need for your studies, you are connected to the world wirelessly and have all the progressive options including storage of 32 GB. You can extend the storage as well as 128 as it offers the extension. But for the hard drive extension, you would need to buy the hard drive separately as Acer laptops are not offering such services.

Our Verdict

Priorities are different with different needs at all in all the choices we make. In a laptop when we want to choose it for our working our priority of the selection would be different. I personally categories the laptops in big distribution. You would agree with the categories I am making for a laptop. I prefer to say that every field of working and studying has their own needs and priority. So the memory storage you need, you should keep in mind. RAM capacity is another parameter to gauge the laptop performance and worth. Same is the case with connectivity options.

This is the only thing I found a downside in Acer Chrome. It is offering only one USB 2.0 port for connectivity with other devices or external attachment. Considering such points, I mentioned above, I would strongly recommend Acer Chrome to the students who are looking for a laptop under the budget.

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