Employee Life Cycle- A Definite Guide

An employee life cycle is an HR model that understands the different stages a worker encounters in a company and the role HR plays in advancing the progression. Managing the employees through the various points in their career within an organization can be very much time-consuming. But nowadays there are many HR software’s that help managers with tasks ranging from recruitment to retirement.

stages of employee life cycle
Employee life cycle

As an HR manager, you are committed to your employees. The primary goal is to hire top talent and keep that talent always engaged. If you recognize the areas in employee lifecycle that need improvement, or perhaps you see top talent leave your organization, you are not alone. Most (if not almost all the companies) are trying to create a culture of sustainability at their workplace.

There are a lot of tools in the HR world that are fortunately arranging resources to retain talent. The question is, where does one begin.

Let us look at the features of Darwinbox’s HR software that helps the employees in their journey in an organization.

Modules Of Darwinbox Designed To Deliver JOY To Employees

Darwinbox HR software stands out from many other similar HRMS software on different parameters. The software is mainly known for its complete yet innovative set of modules. The following are some of the blades of the important modules which have been developed to give simplicity with joy and complete peace of mind to employees.

  • Recruitment Management

With Darwinbox HRMS, the critical recruitment processes can be very easily managed and automated. Operations such as hiring requests, sourcing the candidates from Referrals/Consultancies, etc. can be very much easily manipulated, all credits to the Recruitment module of the software. The module much offers features such as Interview and Feedback Management, Onboarding, and majorly Applicant Status Tracking.

Modules Of Darwinbox Designed To Deliver JOY To Employees

  • Workforce Management

One of the most important functions of an HR manager is to make sure that the workflow in the company moves in a pre-set and runs without any hassle. The Workforce module allows the HR personnel to set different permissions and define all the major policies related to the workforce. This software also mainly functions as a central repository of employee data. The workforce module also handles Employee Data Management, Document Storage, Letter generation, and majorly Employee Life-Cycle Management starting from the joining to separation.

  • Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the most critical functions of HR personnel. The Payroll module of the software allows mainly the HR members to decide the salary structure for different designations and even manage the taxation part. The module assists in mainly automating and processing the payroll along with most of the salary parts such as Bonus, Basic Salary, Tax, Medical Insurance, etc.

The module makes it accessible for all the records of employee compensation, perks, insurance, facilities, etc. all in one place. The module takes away a major amount of manual load from the HR teams by automating all the major procedures related to payroll, wherein removing any chance of human errors.

  • Performance Management

One of the most critical lookouts of any HR Team is to ensure that the employees are well-synced with the defined company’s goals and are working towards that direction with all their efforts and commitment. Darwinbox Performance Module helps the HR personnel in setting different objectives for team members, track and review their progress in real-time, achieving employees goals at a particular time and eventually do increment evaluation.

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  • Training Management

Darwinbox creates training modules and procedures that help HR personnel easily evaluate the competency levels of the trainees and the interns. The Training module of Darwinbox enables the HR members to set a skill matrix so that the right amount of training can be given to the right people. The blade is mainly designed to help the Training Department in efficiently managing the training calendar as well as obtain and collate the trainer feedback. The module also generates alerts and notifications regarding the training requirements of the employees.

  • Exit Management

For most employees, there comes a turning point where the life cycle does come to an end. Employees may leave either due to retirement, new employment, or for personal reasons. It’s essential that your separation process is just as strategic and beneficial as your onboarding process.

When an employee leaves, this can, in turn, affect other employees of the team and it is the manager or the HR professionals job to make sure that the employee who is exciting, leaves in a way that does not disrupt the entire organization.

  • Conclusion

Overall, Darwinbox is a very well designed employee lifecycle management system – a solid proof of the technical competency and experience of the team can be seen behind the software. Minute details such as providing functions for Easy Conversion of Data into Graphics, a Dynamic Dashboard, Real-time Analytics, and Multi-device Mobile Support shine through as critical factors when it comes to the overall usability of the HRMS.

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