Smart Video Doorbells are No Longer a Thing of the Future

Adding a smart video doorbell to your home has many advantages, from saving you steps, time and adding another large layer of security to your home.

 Smart Video Doorbell

How Smart is a Smart Video Doorbell?

The short answer is—very smart. Smart video doorbells in combination with smart door locks have great advantages for all homeowners no matter their age or the number of people in the household. Read on to find out why everyone wants this type of security system at their fingertips.

Rated #1 System in 2018

Wirecutter is a New York Times Company that tests and rates wireless items. The SkyBell HD was rated the best smart doorbell and smart lock system in 2018. It has a high-quality 1080p video with an easy to use app that anyone can operate from a. It also has the fastest response time between someone ringing the doorbell and the response time on your smartphone.

Smart Features for a Smart Home

The HD 1080p video allows you to see who is at your door at all times in crystal clear vision for definite recognition.

Motion sensor alerts will automatically be sent to your smartphone when someone is in front of your door, regardless if they actually ring the doorbell or not. The camera can even catch footage of a dog or cat at your door, in which case, you probably wouldn’t open it for them.

On-demand monitoring: allows you to monitor your door at any time you wish when you turn on the “Watch Live” feature from your smartphone.

Night vision: is a great advantage of this system, as it is in full color to enable you to see a visitor at night still in full HD and not in a green hue as the older types recorded.

You can snap a photo or record video of your visitors and store it in the secure cloud database where they are available 24/7 to view. If someone didn’t belong at your door, this type of clear footage can be very valuable to catching a thief or would-be thief by the police.

An activity history lets you know what’s happening even if you don’t get an alert on your smartphone. It includes missed calls, the calls you answered and all of your motion sensor alerts that turn the video feed on.

The WiFi feature means that they are no wires to install and a potential intruder can’t cut your wires to it, or if they cut your landline, it still doesn’t affect the effectiveness of this system.

You get a fully capable system that allows you to see, hear and speak to a person at your door through your smartphone. You can actually hold a conversation with them and they can hear you loud and clear.

Rugged systems, such as this one work no matter if it is a hot summer or cold winter weather. This system works between -40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smart Video Doorbells are No Longer a Thing of the Future

Great Uses for Smart Video Doorbell and Lock Systems

As people grow older, they may have some mobility issues develop such as not being able to get up as quickly to answer the doorbell. This system is a lifesaver for the elderly, as they can see who is at the door and simply use the app on their smartphone to let the caller inside without the need to walk to the door. As some elderly people don’t drive anymore and get many deliveries of goods, groceries, and medications, this system can make certain they get the goods without the need to answer the door in person.

Many families have two working parents, but they also have a family dog. Your daytime dog walker can alert you that they have arrived so you can unlock the door to let them in and re-lock it after them. After your dog is walked, you can again let the dog walker in and lock up after they leave.

Children have a knack for losing keys. Whenever you have this type of smart system installed, there is no need for them to carry a key at all. This also prevents them from dropping a key and another person picking it up, which could mean your home may be compromised. You can make certain your doors are locked after letting your kids in, so you can have peace of mind regarding their safety.

Research suggests that many potential burglars ring the doorbell to see if someone is home and if there is no answer, they find your home to be a prime target. This solves that problem since you can capture stills, videos and see exactly who was there at a specific time to catch a thief or would-be thief. You can even talk to them to scare them off before they try anything shady by speaking to them over the doorbell’s speaker.

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A Smarter Choice than Amazon Key

Amazon Key is a newer service where a delivery person can enter your home and deliver an Amazon package inside your home so it isn’t stolen from your front porch. They are trying to mimic the smart video doorbell and smart locks, but are not really succeeding. When you are personally in charge of operating the door by locking and unlocking it, you are really in charge of anyone at your door. An Amazon delivery person is someone that you don’t know personally and they are granted access to your home for a full 5 minutes when it only takes a second or two to put a package just inside the door. The Amazon Key system has a camera in your home that only points at the doorway. It can be covered or blacked out and give someone a full 5 minutes to ransack your home without having a video feed.

A smart video doorbell plus a smart door lock works in unison with your other indoor alarm systems that are monitored 24/7. This is the best solution you will find for total home security.

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