How to hang projector to ceiling | Complete Guide

Today we will be talking about how to make a projector screen hang from the ceiling. Projectors make your movie experience sensational. No matter whether you are using your projector for your home theatre or just putting it in the living room, it is always better to install it properly so that you can view your movies in a 1080p HD projector in comfort.

hanging projector to ceiling

First, determine the location of installation.

Make sure that you install it near your furniture so that you can easily view your screen. If it’s too near or too far it could stress out your eyes. Make sure that it is placed in a corner of the room that will make the projector display well. You should not install the screen over a window that is exposed to sunlight or use the screen to substitute your window covers because in the long run sunlight can damage your screen. You need to prolong your material life, so make sure that it is kept in a cool, dark place. The projector will produce the best images in a dark, closed space, so it is best to watch your movies at night, after sunset.

Next, should I mount it on the wall or the ceiling?

Another thing to ponder is whether you should mount your projector to the wall or the ceiling. A wall-mounted one will pull down real fast against the wall, while the one on the ceiling will just pop down easily. So it depends on your preference and you need to look at the setbacks of each mount. It is up to you as well as the probabilities of obtaining the mount that can suit you.

Furthermore, start creating a cardboard template for making holes for drilling later.

The projector screen will weigh a little from 15 kg to 30 kg, so we will be creating a template for this installation. This template will be created from a small block of cardboard. This template will help you to keep the holes for drilling evenly spacing from each other as well as the wall. You might also need this cardboard if you wish to extend your installation to bypass a window. Make sure that you make accurate readings if not your work will be in vain. The holes must be measured accurately, if not you will have to redo it later and it will delay your installation process.

Likewise, we have to pre-drill the projector’s holes.

We need to drill our way through now. The drilling will go through the wall. The reason for pre-drilling as it will make the installation screws easier to install later. It also helps you to hit studs in the ceiling later. You also need to know what you are hitting later, and if you hit some foreign object during installation, try poking the holes so that you know what you have accidentally hit. It is actually a tip in aiding people installing their projector blindly for the first time. Hitting studs happens well when you are doing some heavy installation work. You can use an anchor bolt if you are not hammering your studs away. You can create a board right where the holes that have been predrilled. Once your board has been hammered in, it will solidly support the screen and help to support the entire equipment. You must make sure that you pre-drill your holes so that it will save you lots of other trouble later.

Next, you need to install your projector screen.

If you’re doing this alone, you need to get some help. It will take two people to help in installing the screen, or get some workers to get it done for you. Set up ladders or some stools below the set of holes that have been predrilled, and slowly lift the projector screen upwards facing the ceiling. The projector will be screwed and drilled on the one end. The other end will be fixed later. Make sure you tighten the screws but leave some space for later. Now slowly balance your projector, and make sure that you slowly tighten your screws until the projector is properly balanced on your wall. It is now mounted on your ceiling. Make sure the screws have some space left. You might need to unhinge your projector some time later.

Lastly, install the final part of the screen.

Create a rope to pull the projector handle. Make the handle with a longer piece of rope so that it is easier to reach the handle as well as easier to pull downwards. Try creating a hooked end to avoid flying string hopping around and disturbing your movie. You can hook it behind the projector so that you can a perfect viewing experience.


There are many things to bear in mind before starting your projector installation. First, you need to pre-drill your holes. Next, you need to get ready two sets of hands to install your projector. You also need to bear in mind not everything will go perfectly to plan. You might have to reinstall it several times before you get the perfect installation. However, you must not give up – everything comes with practice!

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