How To Port Vodafone to Other Providers with 4G Network?

There are multiple service provider companies doing rounds across the world. People resorting to one network provider is always their choice, and porting it to other providers based on their needs has been common for years. A few years back, this service of porting was not allowed on user levels, and anybody who wanted to do it required them to find a suitable operator of that service to port it. However, with recent advancements in technology, porting has been made easier and should be done as easily as sending a message or calling a friend.

Reliance Jio network has been a torchbearer in this area and has already created a sensation with its introduction. It has been quite a turning point in the market of other telecom industries which incurred huge losses post that incident. As of now, we would further get to the point where we discuss the steps required to port the Vodafone number to another service without any hiccups.

Before you proceed to porting numbers to another service provider, you should be aware of the TRAI central number which is 1900. The number is 1900, and an SMS mentioning the porting along with the information of the network needs to be sent to 1900 for proceeding with porting. Immediately after this process, you would be receiving an SMS back from TRAI detailing the port out code that should be used on the SIM.

You will download that code on your phone and move forward to generate an offer code with the Jio Bundle app. Purchase a Jio SIM from the local network provider store through a proper verification process as you reveal the port code details to the store manager. Before porting, make sure you have cleared your bills with your old service provider. There is also a requirement to undergo a verification process for the validation of your identity.

Hot to port Vodafone to Gio Network

Steps to be performed for porting:

  1. Send an SMS to 1900 as PORT<mobile number>.
  2. A SMS reverts with porting code which can be used for a maximum of 15 days.
  3. With the help of the porting code you received, generate a barcode for Jio.
  4. Move on to procuring the SIM by filling in all the details, and secure your barcode.
  5. Go to the Jio store with all the essentials

The steps mentioned above works for all service providers including Airtel to Jio, Idea to Jio, Port to Jio 4G, and Dolphin to Jio 4G, etc. Get your phone number recharged without fail as soon as you get your porting done.

Porting with the help of network provider store:

Porting with the help of network provider store

As mentioned earlier, porting has always been considered a process that needs store operator’s assistance. To do that, there need to be some prerequisites that need to be followed and essential information which is needed for the processing of the same.

Before we detail the process of porting with the help of Store’s assistance, let us get into some of the eligibility concerns which is supposed to be followed:

  1. You should have used the existing network for more than 90 days.
  2. Porting can be processed if you don’t have an ongoing number change request in progress.
  3. The mobile number which is to be ported should not be under any jurisdiction control.
  4. There is no contract in progress and the number does not belong to any organization.
  5. The bills have been cleared and there are no pending charges to be paid.

Essential documents to be ported:

  1. A passport size photo of the subscriber.
  2. Address proof attested and provided by Govt.
  3. Porting code.

The porting code as discussed earlier is generated after the message has been sent to TRAI. With that port code, we can go about porting out the number at stake.

The porting code

The process to be followed to porting the number with the help of the store operator:

  1. Head your way towards the nearest store operator.
  2. Request the store manager for porting.
  3. They give you a form which has to fill in with details and submitted along with the porting fee.
  4. The new SIM card will be available the next minute.
  5. Activation of that SIM would take 4-5 days’ time and you will have to wait until your complete porting is done.
  6. Slowly your old SIM will stop working when you will want to switch to the new SIM.
  7. A verification call would come your way which needs to be followed through without fail.

Cancelling of porting action can be done prior to 24 hours of submitting the Porting request. An SMS message of CANCEL <mobile number> would suffice, but make sure it is done within the mentioned time, after which the action will not be processed. If the amount has been paid, refund charges are not guaranteed in all cases.

Conclusion: Porting is an age-old phenomenon that has been in practice for a very long time. Now it has become a very normal process that no amount of external assistance is needed except for procuring a new SIM. Just follow the aforementioned process to secure a porting action without any glitches or hiccups.

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