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Hello guys, todays topic is very interesting as it is all time and everyone’s favourite that is Movies. The Best way of entertainment are movies, there are many of the apps available on the internet to stream the movies online. HD cinema apk is one of them, it is an open source application i.e. available for free for the android users.

HD cinema apk is the app where you can find latest movies with the category filter i.e. Action, Drama, Comedy and much more. Read the whole post to get the more information about the HD cinema apk for android.

Information about HD Cinema apk

App NameHD Cinema
TypeMovie streaming app
Size3.1 MB
Min requirementsAndroid v4.2 and above
512MB Ram1GB ROM

Features of HD cinema app for android

  • Simple to use, as interface of the application is very user friendly.
  • It supports full HD movies and shows that are available on the app.
  • Easy to use.
  • HD cinema apk for android gives daily shows options, by which you can get latest episodes daily.
  • In this app you will get variety of quality of video offered for a particular episode or movie play any (depending on your internet connection).
  • As it is not available on google play store so, it has less user as compared to other streaming apps. Making it quite fast as compared to other apps.
  • You can download or save the video or episode you are watching for later.
  • You get the movies on the home page as according to the ratings and the reviews given by the users.

How to download HD cinema apk?

  • Open your browser or google chrome and in the search bar type HD cinema apk download.
  • Now open any of the site and download the app, you have to download from the other sites as it is not available on the google play store.
  • Now the downloading has started wait for it to finish as it is of only 3MB approx.
  • Install the app on your android app and enjoy streaming the movies online.


The question arises why to choose HD cinema apk? As compared to other apps that are streaming all are good but in HD cinema app we are getting the latest episodes very fast. At there is very less buffering provided that you have a good internet connection.

Hence this makes HD cinema app more efficient and better to use. That’s all for this article we will be back with another great article in the next post thank you for reading and don’t forget to install HD cinema apk for android. Keep watching and enjoying, signing off.

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