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Watching movies is one way to de-stress and blow away your steam. People constantly feast themselves on enticements by watching dramas or movies on whatever platform or medium is available. Nowadays people have resorted to viewing films that are made in some other language as well. Films have become a global form of entertainment where language is no longer a barrier. Subtitles and captions bridge the gap of language by enabling people to understand movies in any language without much ado.

Digitalization has crept its way in all advancements of technology by easing people to experience anything virtually. There is almost nothing that cannot be accomplished by the internet as all features and functionalities of daily life have been replaced by its digital alternative. Movie-watching is one such experience that has found a new realm on the internet where there are plenty of websites offering their way to relish people’s movie craze.

Now that people have changed and have been inclined so much towards digitalization, new liking to any kind of film even in an alien language seems to have evolved in recent times. Korean films, from thin air, have been gaining reputation and publicity for the extraordinary content it depicts. Crazy movie buffs have settled themselves to enjoying movies of Korean language which has become the new pillar of the movie world for the millennials.

Watching Korean dramas or movies is not very feasible in conventional mediums such as TV or normal digital channels. They are exclusively available on websites that are specially designed for this. One such platform which has been the recent rage in the block for Korean cinemas or dramas is Dramafire. There are actually plenty of these websites floating the internet world inundating the movie buffs with options to choose from. However, some of them seem to be original and valid with clear content on the display. One has to be sure to fix the right forum to watch Korean movies that would perfectly fit his demands and choices.



One of the exclusive websites which have been specially designed for watching Korean films is Dramafire. Recently this website has been looming around in a different name as a step towards rebranding and improvement of the site. The new name is Dramacool, where its interface has also undergone some modifications to suit the efficient use of people. These sites are developed as an experiment and as they are marketed for people to start using it, they would be replenished and revamped to progress. This site is no exception since there will be a constant upgrade in the platform to befit the current needs of the masses.

Although we have all technological advancements and internet speed to match the current pace of the world, people still cling to the old ways of downloading content and watching them when they are absolutely free. The proximity to that content by downloading it improves as it will be available even offline where there is no access to the internet.

Most of the movie websites allow a direct watching experience and downloading seems to be off the list. However, Dramafire sidesteps on this convention by enabling people to download content as and when they want. More importantly, all these videos restore the HD quality even while downloading. What works like a charm for this website amongst the masses is it is absolutely free of cost.

The homepage sashays the influx of Korean movies, Korean Dramas, and Korean Web series, etc. Even the latest addition will be available without any glitch in the content. Searching content through the search bar is one of the functionalities of its menu page, and any random content can be chosen from the filters.

The audio and subtitle option can be customized to suit your understanding. All movies can be audio-filtered in English and even the subtitles can be tweaked the same. People willing to stream the movie in high resolution can do so by downloading the content and changing the settings to fit their needed resolution.

Below given steps would delineate the ways to download the movies from Dramafire.

Steps to download movies from Dramafire:

Steps to download movies from Dramafire

As mentioned earlier, Dramafire is a simple website bereft of any complicated interface navigations on the page. Downloading content is a direct and easy option that is readily available on the page. Let us look into the steps to download content.

  1. Open the website link
  2. The homepage presents itself where you will find the search bar.
  3. Open the search bar and type your favourite content by name.
  4. Below the filtered content, the download button will be visible.
  5. Click the download link and the page will be redirected.
  6. Just follow the steps and download it
  7. After downloading, you can adjust your resolution according to your choice.
  8. Watching it online will entail just clicking the view button and you can automatically start viewing the film. Otherwise, download like mentioned above and watch it while you are free.

Benefits of the website:

  1. It is an ad-free website where the streaming actions do not pause even for a second.
  2. It is also free from threats of malware and virus.
  3. Movies are not the only entertainment piece it offers, it has in its repository all sorts of entertainment content like Drama movies, Japanese news, and series, etc.
  4. Sometimes news about popular movie stars and actors are also broadcasted on the website channel.
  5. Every viewing content is in HD and the screen quality is excellent without any compromise.
  6. Easy for watching any content or movies as the interface is user-friendly.


Dramafire is a website dedicated to streaming Korean movies and series. This website is a unique attempt to broadcast Korean movies and endorse the publicity of the movies across the world. Being a user-friendly site, any navigation or downloading of content becomes an easy process here and people use it at their will to satisfy their desire for watching movies. The quality of the videos is an additional boost for people to watch clear content without the slightest of blips or glitches.

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