How To Prepare Your Car To Be Filmed or Photographed

In America, Henry Ford’s Model T Ford made it possible for more people to afford a car. It wasn’t long before cars were commonplace and became prized possessions. In the United States, for example, only nine percent of households didn’t have a passenger vehicle in 2017. Personal vehicles are so popular that they’re critical features in movies and T.V. shows, such as “The Fast and the Furious” movie franchise. Whether you’re filming your car in a movie, photographing a vehicle you want to sell, or taking personal videos or photos, you can use these tips to prepare your car.

Repair and Repaint

Repair and Repaint

Your vehicle’s appearance can be compromised by wear and tear. A ping from a rock can put a dent in its body or a crack in a windshield. Expert automotive body and glass repairers can fix dents and dimples and replace windshields or broken glass. Automotive body repairers or painting and coating workers can prime and repaint your vehicle, ensuring it looks fantastic before you start capturing video content.

While it’s common for people to think about the car’s body when they think about its appearance, it’s critical to think about the tires and rims. Wheel repair experts fix scratches and scrapes on your tires and rims. They can also provide color matching services if you need a new tire and it doesn’t match the others on your vehicle. Wheel repair experts ensure your tires and rims look fantastic. Whether you need rim polishing to repair curb rash or want to have your rims painted a custom color, wheel repair experts offer the services you need to spruce up your tires and rims before you capture your car on film.

Filmmakers and Photographers

Filmmakers and Photographers

Filming and photographing a car isn’t as easy as it sounds. Vehicle placement, lighting, and camera angles affect your footage and must be considered carefully. The experts at COLDEA Productions can help you with every step of production. Suppose you want to create a series of commercials promoting your band’s music and want to feature your car. Visual content creators will verify your brand image, develop stories for your project, create storyboards, and secure all the essential items needed to film your ads. They’ll supply lighting technicians and sound technicians, camera operators, and other experts who’ll oversee every step of production. They’ll also edit the footage, ensuring you’re thrilled with the videos and photos.

Decorate and Wash


There are multiple reasons you may be filming or photographing your car. Perhaps you plan to film a couple with the vehicle on their wedding day or include a vehicle in their wedding pics. Maybe you run a dealership and want to promote vehicles you have in stock. Cars also serve as props in photo shoots for clothes and other items, or your car could play a critical role in the feature film you’re shooting.

Your reason for filming could affect how you prepare your car. You may add a sign and flowers, garlands, tin cans, or bows if you’re using your car for a wedding. You might apply car vinyl wraps to create a custom look for a vehicle in a film or movie.

In most cases, you’ll want to wash your car. There could be dead bugs and bird droppings peppering your car, which will keep it from looking its best. Salt and grime from roadways and road treatments can damage your car’s paint. Washing your car’s exterior removes these eyesores and protects your vehicle from structural damage. It’s also an excellent idea to clean out your car’s interior, wipe down the dashboard and steering wheel, and vacuum the seats and floor mats.

You can take many steps to prepare to film or photograph your car. Hire auto repair experts to ensure your car looks great, work with professional filmmakers and photographers, decorate your vehicle for the occasion, and wash your car.

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