Is It Worth Skipping a Year Before Entering a University?

Usually, the school graduates face the question: should I go to college this summer or postpone the submission of documents for next year. One solution is a gap year, a one-year break between school and university. We will talk about the pros and cons of revenue in a year.

Is It Worth Skipping a Year Before Entering a University

A Bit of History

The tradition of taking the gap year appeared in the middle of the 20th century in the UK. Young people went to university, but before school, they traveled for a year to learn about life. Later, this tradition spread to other countries. Students in Western countries use the gap year to earn money, learn additional skills, or participate in volunteer programs.

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Recovery of Power

A one-year pause between the school and the university is an opportunity to take a breath after an exhausting race. In high school, you have to study at the same time, participate in olympiads, study in additional specialized subjects, take courses in preparation for the exams, and pass exams. Mental stress and moral pressure lead to physical and mental exhaustion, which can become a serious problem in the first year of college. After a year, having a rest and having gained strength, you will be engaged in more fruitfully.

The Opportunity to Retake the Exam

It makes sense to take a year if the points that you received at the exam are not high enough.

By law, you can retake the exam, regardless of the result, but only after a year. In addition, you have the right to pass any other exam in your choice next year. This is true for those applicants who decide to change direction.

The free year will also be useful to those who have not received enough points for an additional entrance or creative test. For the year you can better prepare and enter the chosen direction.

Refining Goals

Not every student by the end of the high school understands who he wants to be and where to go. If in doubt, the gap year will help clarify your goals, decide on the direction. The main condition is to conduct it actively: to try yourself in different areas, to learn new things. When you understand what you really want, you will no longer have problems with laziness. The right goal is the best motivation!

Gain Experience

You can use your free year to find a job. So you get to know the profession more closely, gain additional skills, and be confident in your choice when entering a university. Even work outside the profession will make you more confident, teach you how to communicate with people, and make responsible decisions. Starting a career early will be an advantage even after graduation – you will have an experience that is important to the employer.


Society Pressure

Admission to the university immediately after school is considered a sign of success. Skipping a year, you may encounter misunderstanding on the part of parents, relatives, classmates, and teachers.

How to deal with pressure:

  • Decide for yourself why you are missing a year;
  • Formulate a plan for how you are going to use the gap year;
  • Find arguments for your position and be able to convey them.

Payment of Expenses

To spend a year productively, you need to draw up a clear plan in advance and discuss the financial issue. Ask your parents if they are ready to support you. The specific steps will depend on your goals: you may need money for a tutor or courses, help with finding a job, or buying textbooks. It is one thing if you work and earn money, and quite another – if you have to be supported during this year. All this needs to be discussed with parents in advance.

Loss of Motivation to Enter

This situation is also possible: in a year you will find that you no longer want to go there at all, at least in the near future. For example, you got a job in a specialty, you like making money and being independent.

But a negative option is also possible: after relaxing for a year, you will lose your desire to study, do not want to go through the hassle of admission, and postpone this test for another year, then again and again. The longer you pull, the harder it will be to start preparing and motivate yourself. And after four years, the results of the exam will cease to be valid, and you will have to take them again.

Admission to the university immediately after school is, according to the majority, one of the signs of success. If you decide to skip a year, then you run the risk of confusion or condemnation from others. To successfully resist pressure, you must be confident in yourself and your decision.

To spend your free year fruitfully, you need to carefully plan everything – calculate the time and money.

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