Low Budget home decor Ideas

The move to a new house is always full of hope and we cannot wait for our home to be seen soon as we imagine it. But the truth is that decorating a house takes time, and among the many occupations that we can have – work, study, family, social life – we cannot always dedicate ourselves exclusively to make our house look like we dream it. Here we give you some tips to decorate your new home so you can give your home the look that you like the most with these basic decorating and rendering ideas. If you are doing home decor in Pakistan, for products and decoration stuff don’t forget to visit The Warehouse.

More space in the bathroom

If your bathroom looks small, you can make it look bigger by painting walls and floors with the same color or by putting the same tiles on both surfaces. On the contrary, if you use tiles of different shades, especially with striped designs, it will seem narrower. If you also place a large mirror over the sink, occupying almost the entire wall, the sense of amplitude will increase.

The kitchen

If possible, make sure that the distribution of your kitchen is organized in three points, forming a triangle. The vertices are the zone of cooking and preparation of dishes, the storage of products and the handling of food (where we peel, wash, cut …). It is a way to have everything at hand and facilitate work.

Plants in the kitchen

To give a different touch to your kitchen, place plants where they do not hinder at the time of cooking. In addition to encouraging the environment, you will prevent the odors of fried foods and stews from permeating the surface.

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Playing with colors

low budget home decoration ideas

To get a room with personality and at the same time easy to redecorate, try to choose neutral and light colors for large surfaces (walls, cabinets, ceiling, bedspreads …) and combine them with splashes of color in accessories such as pillows, blankets, and lamps. So, when you get tired of the decoration and want to give another air to the room, you just have to choose a different color or pattern for the accessories, which are very easy to replace. And it’s cheaper.

Place the pictures

To decorate one of the walls of the room with different pictures, install them at different heights. That way, you’ll dress the surface but keep the balance. If, on the other hand, you have collections of prints or pictures of the same format, it is preferable that you place them symmetrically (at the same height both vertically and horizontally) to print order to the environment.

Reading corner

You can use a small area to read, for example in the living room, placing a trunk under the window. You can put some cushions on it and use it to sit and read and keep books and magazines inside. Buy home decor online at best price only from The Warehouse Pakistan.

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