Paranormal Technology: Five Essential Gadgets for Ghost-Hunting

Have you ever come across a paranormal activity in your life that has left you dumbstricken for a couple of days? For instance, you might have caught a silhouette of a person peeking at you behind the curtains. Perhaps the creaking of the doors or spine-chilling noises may have scared you. Or constant switching of the lights in the backyard might have awoken the hallucinatory feelings. And what’s even worse is that you can’t explain to others what happened since you already are dubious.

Five Essential Gadgets for Ghost-Hunting

It is a widely acknowledged theory that disembodied souls make themselves apparent during the night. There is a shedload of conjectures and presumptions about this theory. However, investigators posit it because they believe paranormal bodies and apparitions graze the mental energy of human beings to feed themselves. Since our brains remain engrossed in life happenings throughout the day, we let our guards down and get distraught while sleeping at night. Therefore, ghostly creatures gain access and utilize our psychic energy. Nevertheless, science has still not denied nor verified any such theories of supernatural occurrences.

Many people put out all the stops to not address the existence of spiritual creatures. In contrast, others dive into the ghost-hunting field to make their careers. And a few people lie somewhere in-between. For all one knows, spirits may or may not live amongst us. However, it’s always fun to pretend, sometime around Halloween, that they do exist. And yet more fun to go hunting for them.

These adventures are only about fun would be an understatement; it requires a great deal of courage and planning. Therefore, if you are one of those who get excited about weird situations and want to investigate phantoms, then gear yourself up with the help of technology.

By searching around your area or from the internet, you can find different ghost-hunting tech tools. For instance, if you are in the UK, you can visit online stores like SpiritShack to find the right ghost-hunting tech gear. These devices serve as lifesavers and facilitate your experience.

Ahead, the essential gadgets that must be a part of your kit to make your experience seamless and effortless:

1. EMF Detector

The idea of an EMF meter might sound like a scene from a fictional movie. However, it may serve as nifty gear during your hunt. Once you step your foot inside the dark, creepy place, you might feel nervous. You can sense someone stalking you and noticing every move of yours. However, this doesn’t necessarily confirm the presence of otherworldly creatures. Generally, electrical appliances emit high electromagnetic radiation, which, in turn, causes feelings of discomfort and uneasiness. Therefore, don’t fear if you observe high spikes in the electric current since it is merely a technical fault.

However, if your EMF detector readings constantly fluctuate above the normal range, this might be a warning sign. These readings indicate the presence of a spirit being. Furthermore, spirits often emit electromagnetic fields, which are indiscernible for the human eye. Therefore, it is imperative to carry along with you an EMF detector to affirm your skepticism.

2. Infrared Thermometer

You may experience some tingling sensation on your skin and the itchiness overall your body during the ghost-hunting adventure. According to specter hunting specialists, these sensations usually emerge due to the existence of paranormal entities. However, suppose a large group of people is present in that spooky area. In that case, this might be one reason to justify these feelings. But, if you observe a sharp increase or decrease in temperature, somewhere around 6 degrees, these spikes certainly corroborate the presence of phantoms.

There exist many suppositions about how spirits manifest themselves. However, it is a perceived theory that paranormal bodies soak up the energy present in the atmosphere and thus form air clouds. Keeping an infrared thermometer can help you detect such increase and decrease in temperatures. Also, with a proper functioning IR thermometer, you can gather evidence that can aid you in hunting ghosts.

3. Flashlight

While you are all ready to go on the adventurous trip of ghost-hunting, don’t forget to stow a flashlight in your toolkit. The majority of the scary and haunted places are entirely pitch black with no visible light. Without any light source, you may trip, slip, or fall at various spots since you overlooked minor impediments. And getting injured is probably the last thing you want during this adventure.

With a flashlight in place, you can navigate through complicated routes of ghostly areas. It also assists in reading and understanding historical books, documents, or maps that you may find in that region.

4. Anemometer

When it comes to specter hunts, collecting any piece of evidence is crucial to investigate and confirm all inklings. Even if you notice any slight aberration or something delusional, ensure to document it to solve your ghost puzzle. Air currents may seem like something that won’t affect your investigation process. However, it is critically important that you pack away an anemometer that calculates the air current in spooky regions.

Before you conclude, ensure that the readings in the meteorological device aren’t due to the conventional heating and cooling process. For example, the open windows, light, or even a minor appliance crack can produce air, thereby undermining your hunting investigation.

5. Sound Recorder

You don’t need to invest a fortune or break the bank to get everything ready for a ghost-hunting plan. Instead, take with you a simple device – a voice recorder. The sound recorder device lends itself as a valuable tool to detect electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Paranormal bodies make strange noises and sounds that are often impossible for a human ear to listen to since the frequency of such sounds is shallow, approximately 40 Hertz.

The sound recorder also allows you to tape ambient noises. Nevertheless, ensure to save all the sound files at your computer as soon as you reach home to save every piece of information.

Final Words

Most people around the world have a staunch belief in the existence of ghostly creatures and otherworldly powers. Some, if not many, are adamant that the spiritual souls of their loved ones never die; instead, they live in another world.

Therefore, if you are someone with these firm convictions or just here for the spooky fun, don’t forget to bring the ghost-hunting gear with you. However, you don’t need to take with you a lot of tools; equip yourself with the necessary ones initially to test the waters.

And while you embark on this adventure, remember, the perfect time to hunt for paranormal entities is after midnight. It is because the place gets eerie at night – giving you all the right feels, and thus, you can witness grave horror situations.

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