Videoder And Other Apps To Download Videos From The Internet

Videos have made our lives so easy, haven’t they? From learning how to cook your favorite pasta recipe to how to change the oil in the car, every small to detailed information is present on the internet in video form. You just need to look at the right websites. In certain situations, we end up downloading the videos and watching them at a later time. Say, for instance, you want to learn how to make a dreamcatcher. While browsing through the internet, you come across a video that best suits your requirement, but you don’t have the time to see the 30-minute-long video this weekend. What do you do? You can download it and keep it in your library. The best part about downloading videos is that you can access them even when offline or without a network connection. Downloaded videos can be watched repeatedly without any lag. To download good-quality videos, you need exceptional-quality apps that can help save your favorite videos online. Read below to learn more about Videoder and other apps to download videos from the internet.


As the name itself suggests, Videoder is a tool or an app developed specifically for videos. With this software, a user can search the entire world wide web for a particular video with a personalized search engine. This exploration works on a combination of video streaming services and websites like Vimeo, YouTube, and others. Using Videoder, users can directly download the video on their Android devices.

Videoder offers different options to download the quality of video you would like which means that it is not restricted in its function and understands that its users may have different preferences. If the video that you want is available in high-definition and you want to download it in the same format, Videoder allows you to do so. The same concept is applicable to other formats like 3GP, FLV, and MP4.

Once a user puts Videoder to use, it will search different sites that are full of different types of video content including short and funny videos to the ‘how to’ segment. You name it and Videoder will access the internet to help you with what you desire.

Before using the app, make sure that your Android system is updated to its 2.1 version because the older versions do not support the app.

Here are some interesting facts about Videoder that will help you gain clarity if you intend to use the app:

  • It can be downloaded for free from Uptodown. You will find different versions of the app. Select the one you desire and download the APK. Once downloaded, you can directly start using the tool
  • It is currently the most preferred choice of app that assists in downloading videos. What makes it so popular is its friendly user interface. Anybody with a basic understanding of the internet can use the tool
  • Videoder can support almost all video formats including HD and MP4. Some video downloading tools are not receptive to certain video formats. However, there is no need to worry in case you use Videoder
  • The app is absolutely safe to download and use. It does not affect your device’s security even though it is an external tool

How to download Videoder on an Android phone?

The steps to download the app on the phone are extremely simple. Here is a stepwise breakdown

  • The first step required you to go to your device’s Settings option. Once here, go to Security and turn on the option for downloaded apps from unknown sources. The option for this reads ‘install apps from unknown sources
  • Once the option is toggled on, open the phone’s browser and visit the official site of Videoder to download the APK
  • After the downloading is completed, you will receive a message conveying the same on your notification bar. Tap on the notification for the installation to begin
  • You will receive messages on your phone’s screen during the installation process. Simply follow the instructions until the system tells you the tool is completely installed
  • From here onwards, you can use the app freely

There are more video downloaders in the market and it’s always good to have options. Let’s discuss some of the top-rated apps for downloading videos online.

1- KeepVid:


The downloading speed with KeepVid is faster as compared to other video downloaders. You can download videos from YouTube and other video streaming sites in a few seconds. To use the app, once it is installed on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Launch the app on your phone. Open YouTube in KeepVid and search for the video you want to download
  • Once you have located the video, choose the option that says ‘Download’
  • The next pop-up will ask you to select the quality you want. Choose from the options and there you have it.

A good quality video is downloaded within a few seconds.

2- TubeMate:


The most attractive feature of the app is its excellent user interface. It is stylish and yet so easy to use. Like many other video downloaders, TubeMate also lets you download video files from different websites. It comes with an in-built browser to ease the task.

After selecting the video format and quality, the download starts and gets saved automatically in the device’s internal storage.

To use the app, simply launch it on your phone. In the app’s browser visit the video-sharing site you want to download the video from. After locating the video, and selecting the resolution and quality options, press the Download option.


You may wonder that many video-sharing websites let you download videos without the need for an external app. However, not all websites allow it. The main benefit of using a video-downloading app is that you can download videos across video-sharing platforms and the user does not remain restricted to only certain websites. It can really become a time-saving tool since with the help of an external app, the entire playlist can be downloaded without any hassle. With this, we end our discussion on Videoder and other apps to download videos from the internet. We hope that the information provided above helps you in deciding which app you would like to use.

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