What is Laser Cutting and How it impacts?

Laser marking takes advantage of the laser’s special properties to provide precise and quick results. The laser beam released by the Znakowarka do metalu (metal marking machine) is directed to a tiny portion of the object’s surface to be engraved, marked, or cut. The laser beam transmits energy to the substance that makes up the item in the form of heat. As a result, an incision is made, the depth of which might vary depending on the needs.

What is Laser Cutting

The same approach can be used to achieve different results: if the object is to be engraved deeply rather than only superficially, the strength of the laser beam can be increased and the exposure times to the laser beam can be extended. At lasitlaser.pl, the aim is to engrave all plastic, metal, and organic machinery with a wide range of laser sources.

An overview of Laser Engravings

Laser engravings and marks are extremely accurate and defined; the laser enables thin engravings and operation on sensitive or fragile areas of the product, as well as on surfaces that are hard to reach with traditional engraving equipment. However, the potential of Grawerowanie laserowe w metalu (metal laser engraving) does not end there: when combined with sophisticated software, it is possible to get extremely refined aesthetic results. Grawerowanie laserowe stali nierdzewnej (laser engraving of stainless steel) or Znakowanie laserowe stali (laser marking of steel) is a popular procedure. Gold, Platinum, Silver, Titanium, Brass, Palladio, and other metals can all be engraved or sliced with a laser.

Here are some benefits that can be considered for why they are so popular with multiple applications.

  • Operation at a Range of Depths:

Unlike Laserowe znakowanie metali (laser marking of metals), which aims to remove a portion of the material being delivered, engraving aims to remove a piece of the substance being administered. Because laser systems provide so much control, a variety of depths can be achieved to fit the needs of the user.

  • High Efficiency:

Laser engraving and branding is a highly valuable procedure. It allows its users to simply choose between substances and a range of depths by providing multiple results. It’s also advantageous in terms of service life and maintenance costs, which are often lower than those generated by more traditional methods.

  • The Contactless Process:

The fact that laser engraving is a non-contact procedure is one of the most significant advantages. It signifies that the laser beam does not affect the substance physically. Instead, it uses heat to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Used in Multiple Materials:

Another benefit of laser engraving is that it can be used on a variety of materials. Laserowe grawerowanie w metalu (laser engraving on metal), plastic, ceramics, and glass are just a few examples of materials. It’s crucial since many businesses use more than one element in their manufacturing processes, and having a machine that can handle many components is a powerful and cost-effective option.

  • Superior Quality:

Businesses must search for active processes while simultaneously concentrating on quality. It might be difficult to find ways that are both cost-effective and give the desired effects, but laser engraving accomplishes more than this.

We focus on our finest quality lasers – Fiber Lasers and MOPA Lasers

Advantages of Fiber Lasers:

Fiber lasers employ a silica glass optical fiber wire to guide light. Because the laser beam is straighter and narrower than with other types of lasers, it is more precise. They also have a tiny footprint, are electrically efficient, require little maintenance, and have low operating expenses. They are commonly utilized in industrial applications to perform cutting, welding, marking, cleaning, texturing, drilling, and a variety of other tasks due to the various wavelengths they can create. They’re also employed in industries like telecommunications and medicine.

Laser machines can ensure the following:

  • By offering fume extraction and laser safety, workers are safe.
  • Mechanical components are used to automate processes or make the operator’s job easier.
  • Laser technique is fine-tuned to perform any specific task.

Advantages of MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) Lasers:

MOPA lasers are ideal for creating black lines on natural and colored anodized metal without hurting the surface. They’re also employed to label many other metals with great contrast, such as nickel alloys, steels, and titanium. MOPA lasers have the following advantages in terms of mark durability after reprocessing: High-quality markings that are resistant to repeated passivation and sterilization cycles can be accomplished thanks to the ability to modify the laser parameters freely. As a result, the MOPA laser is frequently used to label medical products.


At Lasit, we develop laser marking and engraving technologies, and our passion and dedication speak for it. We aim to make a difference in the industry and take care of every single customer. Our entire team ensures traceability, production chain control, brand visibility, and industrial process automation.

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