Why Blogging Is Best Way to Learn and Earn In 2019

Blogs can be very valuable to different people and for a variety of reasons. Blogging is not just for business! Personally, professionally and financially we benefit from blogs. Writing has become one of my favorite passions. I recommend blogging to almost everyone I know.

Blogging Is Best Way to Learn and Earn

These are some of the main reasons why I think YOU should start blogging right away.

1. Attract Viewers

Blogs allow you to reach millions of people through the internet. They can help you promote yourself or your business. The Blogs serve as a method to attract audiences because they give them something valuable before asking for something in return.

What do you want to click on the page “How to promote your blog” or on the page “Buy my service”? By creating a valuable blog, you can attract an audience and, eventually, turn it into a client, partner, friend or other.

2. Establish Authority

Having a blog and writing about important issues that are relevant to your audience makes you an authority in this space. This improves your professional image. A professional blog of the 2000s was a calling card in the 1990s. Blogs are new business cards.

3. Build Relationships and Commitment

Blogs can activate traffic to and from customer referrals. Blogs can “warm up” your calls and traffic from other sources. If someone accepts your call, they may be more receptive if they read your blog and take advantage of it.

4. Create Opportunities

Blogs can create other business/traffic opportunities. For example, talk or press. I have people who contact me to speak at conferences that they found on my blog. Blogging allows anyone with something interesting or valuable to identify themselves as an expert.

5. Organize Your Thoughts and Learn

Blogging requires that you learn for yourself what you do not know and that you express what you know. When you start writing blog posts, you are forced to decide. If there is a gap in the subject you are writing about, you must learn it. Writing and articulating your thoughts is an excellent way to internalize something that you have learned or experienced. Writing helps you become familiar with the subject you are writing about.

6. Tell Your Story

Blogs allow you to become your own media company. You can tell your story as you wish without calling the journalists. When writing about topics that interest you, you can decide how to describe a story, what information will be included and what information should be excluded. Blogs allow you to make sure that all the information included in a blog is objective. The content in blog is of course unique and you can even design images and post on your blogs by using tools like Canva. This will help you to stay exceptional in all ways.

7. Meet New People

The audience you attract through blogs does not have to be your “audience”. They can be your friends, colleagues, or fans. Many people contact me immediately after reading my blog. Some of these people have become friends or good business contacts.

8. Excel

According to the “1% rule”, only 1% of Internet users create new content actively, while 99% of other participants only see it. When writing a blog, you separate 99% of people who do not write blogs. The importance is very important in an increasingly competitive economy.

9. Validation of Experience

Blogs are new CVs. Blogging about topics you want to see as experts can illustrate to your readers, entrepreneurs, and networks the skills and knowledge you possess.

10. Earn Money

If you have a blog with many readers, you can earn money. In today’s economy, diversification and the development of additional sources of income can be very beneficial. If you do a job that does not earn as much as you want or simply wants to earn more money (who does not?), Blogs can generate significant revenue.

The income generated by blogs can also be “passive”, which means that they can be automatic and not directly correlate with the time you spend.

Why people blog and how blogs can benefit their personal or professional life?

When blogs started, the first blog was truly glorified by online magazines, and most of the time, becoming a professional blogger and making money online was not the goal. Since then, the blogosphere has grown and people blog for a variety of reasons. There are even differences between the types of blogs: corporate blogs, lifestyles, fashion, food, and entertainment, among others.

Although the blog scene has developed over the last decade, the benefits of blogging remain numerous.

Here is a list of reasons why people blog and how blogs can benefit their personal or professional life:

Express yourself and share your love

Landscapes have changed, but there are still many blogs that serve as a platform for people to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Whether your passion is politics, personal finance, business, photography, cooking, or marketing, blogs allow you to connect and connect with like-minded people with the same passion.

Make a difference

The passion of some people tends to support an objective. Whether it’s a political, environmental or social cause, blogs are an excellent way to raise awareness and get support.

Share your knowledge

If you love teaching, creating a blog can be an opportunity to educate those interested in your area of ​​expertise. The best part is that when you create resources on your blog to teach others, you may realize that it is possible to make money with your blog by creating educational products or services online.

Improve your writing skills

The more you write, the better you do it. Most professional bloggers write regularly and analyze and correct their writing constantly. You can even get comments from readers to help you become a better writer.

Being a good writer, however, is not a precondition for a successful blog. Many well-known bloggers claim to be great writers, and part of their success can be attributed to their message “If I can do it, you can too.”

Learn how to earn money online.

Most people start with a blog, but along the way, they gain experience and end up generating ideas for other specialized blogs. What you learned from your initial blog (two and less), effective marketing strategies, ways to make money with blogs, etc., will help you accelerate the growth of your business.

Build your professional network

Blogging is a community effort, and networking is one of the reasons why people are involved. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a blogger to market your business, creating relationships will make your blog grow.

At the same time, developing your online network has benefits, such as access to quality software and tools, seminars, workshops, product launches, and other events.

Get more visibility

Companies create blogs primarily to increase their online presence, connect with potential customers, promote their brands through positive conversations and even generate income online.

Beyond the direct results, companies use content marketing to classify their publications in search engines, generating both primary income and residual income.

Become an authority in your sector.

A blog can be used as a platform to show your knowledge and experience. The publication of accurate, timely, relevant and informative blog posts will attract the attention of the industry and will give recognition as an authoritative source and as an informed leader.

Build a portfolio online

Blogs are an excellent way for potential freelance writers and writers to create portfolios online. By showing their writing skills on large and large platforms, the self-employed can increase their visibility and sign new clients.

Market your business

For businesses and entrepreneurs, online visibility is one of the best ways to grow customers, prospects and, ultimately, revenue. This cannot be achieved with a static website. Creating valuable, useful and/or entertaining blog content is an effective way to develop the authority, online ranking, and traffic of your website.

Start a blog today

When the Internet and technology are increasingly rooted in our daily lives, it is impossible to ignore the benefits of blogging or the creation of a website. However, unlike the early days, bloggers did not have to be graduates in computer science or HTML. Software such as WordPress.org and a guide on “how to create a blog” have simplified the creation of a blog in 15 minutes. If you are not sure that blogs are right for you, use the free blog platform for several months before moving to a self-hosted solution.

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