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If you’re beginning to file a workers’ compensation claim, you may perceive that you may strike a deal with your employee to reach an amicable agreement on the compensation amount.

It’s normal to think you’ll be able to get adequate medical compensation and first-class medical care, but this isn’t always the case.

As you begin working with your employer’s insurance company, you might quickly start feeling that the process is getting over your head.

Injured paper man with money under Workers Compensation umbrella

Worse still, if you’ve never been involved in a workplace accident before, you could be oblivious of how exactly the workers’ compensation system works.

Besides, your employer’s insurance company handles such cases throughout the year; hence they are well-versed with how exactly the system works.

Admittedly, the company knows how to maneuver the complexities in the legal field and get away with denying you benefits.

This is especially true if your case is unique or if your injury requires long-term treatment, and your employer is contesting the amount that you should be compensated.

While it’s apparent that the federal government has set up a straightforward process to help the employer and employee reach amicably agreeable terms, a situation may occur when you’re unable to make a conclusive agreement.

If you feel you don’t have the muscle to fight on your own, you can engage a paralegal from The Felicetti Law Firm to counter the adjuster’s arguments and help you get the remuneration you deserve.

Handing over full responsibility to the attorney

Unlike following up on the compensation on your own, hiring an attorney will save you from the paperwork nightmare involved in the appeals board and judges.

Your assigned attorney will take over the task in its entirety and offset you the responsibility of engaging with the worker’s compensation carrier.

If you’re seriously injured, the workers’ compensation attorneywill request a temporary disability form that they’ll present to your company to help you get disability payment from the company or state until you fully recover.

This would be beneficial to you if the workers’ compensation appeal board rejected your temporary disability query.

Negotiation for compensation

When you hire a workers’ compensation attorney from the Felicetti firm, they will use their negotiation skills to find a specialist who’ll take care of your injuries.

Besides, the attorney would negotiate with the insurance company to consider your issue and present you to the compensation appeals board.

Since most employers are known for settling a partial portion of your claim, the attorney will ensure your case is settled and that you have the worker’s compensation even before trial.

Save you the costs

Arguably, several people forgo hiring an attorney because they want to avoid the associated fees and save money.

However, this choice ends up costing them lots of money and adding more financial, economic and social burdens.

A workers’ compensation attorneywill present a strong case on your behalf and only make up for the fees they collect to present a stronger case as part of your claim.

In other words, trying to save on the attorney fees could wind up with you not collecting anything at all when the case is concluded.

Preparing for the fight

One of the most prominent elements of a workers’ compensation case is the legal complexities and an unclear Segway throughout the trial.

Knowing that you have someone working on the other side of the case would give you peace of mind and enough time to recuperate.

This is because the insurance company that is responsible for paying out the claim will have their attorney who’ll try and find loopholes in your case.

If you don’t have someone equally equipped with the expertise, you’ll end up losing the case even if your claim is legitimate.

That said, there is no reason to wade through the technicalities surrounding this landscape when you know there is someone who can fight on your behalf.


If you’ve been injured at work, you’ll likely encounter the nightmare of missed payments and large medical bills.

Unsurprisingly, the dispute process isn’t as easy as filling a claim and receiving your money.

Don’t make the mistake of arguing the case on your own since it has proven to be futile with many people.

Since this process has several steps to pass, working with a qualifies attorney from The Felicetti Law Firm would help you receive what is rightfully yours.

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