Mountain Cur – Best Dog Ever

The Mountain Cur is a fast runner and hunter whose bark can be heard a long distance away.

They are one of the most courageous hunters that can fit your lifestyle if you want an active, energetic and protective companion.

Whether you’re someone who always goes for jogging or likes strolling through the woods with a pet companion, The Mountain Cur could be the ideal option for you.

Mountain Cur – Best Dog Ever

Also known as the all-American pioneer dog, The Mountain Cur has a mammoth of advantages and associated downsides.

Before deciding whether or not they’re the perfect dog for you, read on to find more about this dog.

Why they are called the ‘all-American pioneer dog

If you’ve been scouring through the web for The Mountain Cur, chances are you’ve seen the term ‘all-American pioneer dog.’

Well, the reason for which this dog was given this name is that it contributed immensely to US history.

This dog breed was responsible for the successful settling of the early frontier people in the southern part of the US mountains, hence the name ‘all-American pioneer dog.’

In the wilderness, these dogs are known for being protective and great for their treeing instinct for hunting squirrels and raccoons that served as food for many families.

How can I tell The Mountain Cur form the rest of the pets?

The mountain cut has some unique features like a square-shaped face with stocky eyes. Their eyes can brown, amber, and dark shades that rhyme with their coat colors.

They have slim, long, athletic legs that are ideal for rough terrain and their tails are bobbed – with some having medium-length tails.

Besides, The Mountain Cur has a double-layered coat that closely resembles a stubble. The top coat is heavy and short, while the undercoat provides soft insulation from adverse weather conditions.

There is a fine distinction between a Mountain Cur male and the female breed. While the male dog can grow up to 18 to 26 inches, the female dog can grow to 16 to 24 inches in length.

Incredible things about the Mountain Cur

The Mountain Cur has unrivaled energy for hunting, and they can help guard your homestead as well.

They can be calm and quiet until they see approaching danger – which makes them one of the best hunting dogs today.

Their ability to perform different works – like herding cattle, being a hunters’ companion and guard livestock is incredible. The Mountain Cur is an excellent working dog, a reliable companion for outdoor activities and they’ll protect you with all their lives.

Ready to have the Cur as your pet?

Keep in mind that the ideal owner of The Mountain Cur is someone with unmeasurable enthusiasm for outdoor activities like hunting.

The Cur can be an incredibly fierce dog, but is also an excellent outdoor companion, gaming, sports, and can also help you with some household chores.

While this pet can be an incredible companion, they need some socialization, especially when they are around small animals that they may consider prey.


Unsurprisingly, The Mountain Cur can make a good pet, companion, protector and an incredible hunter.

Keep in mind, however, that this pet requires an outdoor enthusiast – so you better be one.


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