Your Leisure Hour Activity Can Improve Your Health

What comes to your mind when you listen to the word, “Healthy Lifestyle”. Of course, a lifestyle that includes balanced meals, plenty of water, exercise, and much much more. But what if I say that having a hobby can also be a part of your healthy lifestyle. Hobbies are actually the favorite way to spend your off time, in a way that makes you happy. And if you are happy, then your body feels happy and healthy. This is a general mechanism that applies to all types of hobbies either it is book reading, web surfing or even gardening.

Remember those old days, when we used to knit friendship bracelets. Those colorful threads and their braiding into different patterns, and presenting it to your most favorite person, associate a feeling of happiness somewhere. Of course, most of us chose hobbies depending upon their interest.

I have extracted a few common hobbies that make you healthy. Let’s peep into how they make you happy and healthy.

Here we go!


If you are fond of listening and playing music in your leisure hours than read it loud and clear, you will get to know how good you are going with your body.

Let’s talk about playing a musical instrument first. Different parts of your brain stimulated as you move your hands over an instrument,

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Listening to music

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memorize notes and feel the music. You are developing and enhancing your motor skills, analytical skills, memory, and creativity. Not only this, by doing so you are strengthening your corpus callosum, an area of the brain that connects the left and right hemisphere of the brain. As a result, this will improve the functioning of your brain. It also reduces the level of stress hormone (cortisol)

As far as listening to music is concerned, it is immensely beneficial. It boosts the immune system, lower levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. So if you have some most important interview, and you are in stress, then listen to your favorite soundtrack peacefully and calmly. I am sure this will relax you and you will perform extraordinarily in your interview.

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We often heard in our childhood, a book is a real and best friend. It’s the main element of education. Believe me, it’s true. Reading a book gives knowledge and

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pleasure, irrespective of the piece you are reading. Reading has been shown to decrease stress, improves concentration and boost memory. It actually stimulates the growth of new neural pathway, as we absorb the new information. And the most interesting part is when you read something your brain actually sees it in the form of an imaginative movie. This surprising quality of reading can be useful in exercising the part of the brain responsible for imagination.


Exercise has a whole range of health benefits. You don’t need special equipment to do so. You can do it anywhere and anytime whenever you are idle. It can be a light workout or an extensive one, both will be immensely beneficial for your body.

So when you move your body muscles with the tone of music that you have played in the background while exercising. your body releases certain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin that makes you happy, energetic and healthy. So your mood remains happy throughout the day.

Beside this, blood circulation also increases that boost your stamina, improves cardiovascular health and strengthen your bones and muscles.

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Wow..!! Managing your garden can improve your health.

There are numerous health benefits associated with gardening.

Firstly, you can do a simple form of exercise, like sitting on the floor, pulling weeds, planting seeds, reaching for tools and many actions can contribute to a simple aerobics. It improves stamina, strengthens muscles and bones.

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Moreover, according to the study published in 2014 PLOS ONE, gardening and cycling reduce the risk of vitamin D deficiency.

Wrapping up! if you have leisure time activity that makes you happy then why not look for some more interesting ways in it that improve your health.

And if you do not have any productive hobby, then I am sure this article will help you.

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