10 Best Gifts for Men Close to You

“What should be the perfect gift for him?” May took a little while to uncover that mystery. Men choices are different for women’s but when it came to give him a gift on his birthday, graduation or Christmas then you need the best gift for him that will him cry.

For men, the gifts came to mind are less but there are some beautiful and most liked thing in the market that men appreciate as gift. After reading this you will be able to choose the best gift for him that may strengthens the relationship and increase the love, respect and loyalty towards you. In this we will discuss some of the best male gift that are most liked by bestie and also will guide you to choose something that matches the personality of him.

Gifts for Men Close to You


The first thing that came to every person mind when there is a gift to be delivered. Well watches are the best choice but the most important is the occasion on which it is being gifted and here you might be in trouble.

Get him a gift of watch when he had graduation. The perfect occasion for granting TSOVET JPT Chronograph watch to your bestie when he had a lot of ahead his future. Beside from giving a nice pair of shoes, dress or a shirt, the best appreciated thing at graduation is a Watch.


A pair of copilot’s glasses put a lot in his personality and a perfect occasion for every best moment. Putting a pair of Ray-Bans glasses with the best notch and iconic style may strengthens the relation you guys have.

The gift may not cost you fortune but it may get him close to you. For those who have own a car or goes to project or office, a pair of glasses is the best option to share the moment with him. Goes for UV protection one if he is in outdoor working professional

Brita Water Bottle

Some may not think a water bottle as gift but actually to some guys it the best thing that they could have. Being admitted new as college student or a guy who like to play outdoor and never miss working-out then it might the best thing they have.

A best and a perfect bottle with the favorite color may not cost you enough then $30 but it may put a huge difference in your relationship. A well filtered Brita bottle may be the best choice for your bestie.

Electric Shaver

For a grown man, a gift like Braun series 9 could be the best gift they have. New to the college or its their 18th birthday, Braun series 9 may the best gift they ever got. The shaver may cost you a little but it may just strengthen the relation you guys have.

A perfect tool for grooming with the best performance and work in both wet and dry situation is a go option for putting it in a gift. There are a lot of good electric shavers that may fit the as the best gift for your loved ones.


You want to give the best gift of your love then Jefferson’s Manhattan may the best choice to remind them of how much you care for him. Well, go for the perfume that matches him and always select the taste based on his preference.

The swing of smell, every morning before the mirror may put the light on your face and the best occasion gift for men on their birthdays, college reunion, first day on a college and anniversary.


Listening to their favorite tracks with the pair of on ear-headphones of Bang & Olufsen that you gifted may be best thing at that moment. These headphones can be connected remotely and give the best sound performance they could ever experience.

A best gift to person who like to listen or create music and to those who loves to play games every evening. The headphones may not cost you enough but these are the best headphones for music.


Book, some may think of it as irritating but there are people who think of it as the best companion. A better gift for those who like to read and stay in touch with the literature.

Always go for the kind of book as gift which he like it may he history, Pdf Book for Test preparation (If he is preparing for any exam) , novel, poetry or philosophy and pick the book of the month or the first edition of his best writer may put a large smile on his face while looking at the title of the book.


A person who keeps a lot in his pocket and always forget the card which are for billing then it might be solved with novelty. Giving him a card wallet or Classic bi-fold wallet to keep his important thing in his pocket is a nice touch to your relationship.

A lathery bifold wallet and a card wallet is the best gift to your loved one’s especially for brother, father and the person who got his first job


A bag that carry almost things is one of the best gifts for your bestie who is in travel business or in job where there is a lot of field work. I may put a good angle of your understanding towards his effort in the job.

A backpack or bag that keeps his weekly stuff while on the field is the may cost you little but the value it give to your loved one is higher than that.


Well, he like to drink a lot of coffee due to work stress or just simply he love to do that than a mug that have a Temperature control feature is the best gift for him on any occasion.

Choose the color he likes, even you can put a nice hash tag on it with your own painting to show how much you care about his simple things may serve you the purpose of his importance to you.


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