How To Stream ‘Who Is Hunter Biden?

The first impression is the last impression. Well, this saying may not necessarily hold true for all first counters, but it does have a significant value. The first you hear of something or you meet someone will decide if you wish to pursue it further. You may be right or wrong in your analysis derived from the first meeting, but there is no denying that the first impression can actually, at least in some cases, become the last impression. So is the case with the new docuseries ‘Who is Hunter Biden’. The name itself is so intriguing and powerful, that anybody who has heard of the documentary will definitely be curious to know what the show is about. In this blog, you will read everything about the series and the most important question, how to stream ‘Who is Hunter Biden?’

How To Stream ‘Who Is Hunter Biden?

You may have probably guessed that the series is in some way related to one of the most powerful personalities and leaders of the world. You are right! ‘Who is Hunter Biden?’ is a series of real-life episodes outlining the life of Hunter Biden, the second son of America’s current President Joe Biden. Hunter Biden has lived an interesting life, and no wonder, watchers would want to know the family dynamics of probably the most influential man, Mr. Joe Biden.

Early Years:

Born on the 4th of February 1970, Hunter Biden’s complete name is Robert Hunter Biden. He was born to the current US President Joe Biden with his second wife Neilia Hunter Biden. His mother passed away in 1972 following a deadly automobile crash, where Hunter was in the accident and suffered a fractured skull along with traumatic and serious brain injuries.

Hunter Biden started his professional career as a consultant in a bank holding company called MBNA Corporation which was later acquired by the Bank of America in the year 2006. The controversies around Hunter Biden started from the early itself as his job admission was questioned by many. At this time, Joe Biden, then senator, was pushing for credit card legislation, which eventually changed the history of the credit card industry and MBNA was supporting the movement which led Joe Biden to be referred to as ‘the senator for MBNA’. Since his father had a close relationship with the bank, the credibility of Hunter Biden was always under the radar of bank experts.

Biden left MBNA in 2001 and moved to serve in the United States Department of Commerce in which the main focus was on e-commerce policy under the administration of Mr. President Bill Clinton. During this time, Hunter Biden turned his interest toward becoming a lobbyist, which refers to a person who is consistently trying to persuade the government that a certain law needs to be changed or a certain activity should be taken up. He became the cofounder of Oldaker, Biden & Belair but maintained a professional relationship with his father without both of them interfering in each other’s work, as per Adam Entous of The New Yorker, an American weekly magazine.

In 2006, George W. Bush appointed Hunter Biden as one of the board of directors for Amtrak for a five-year term. Amtrak is America’s national passenger railway company. Once his father became the vice president, Hunter Biden resigned from his position on the board.

From here onwards, Hunter Biden became a part of multiple, more controversial professional relationships, and the main focus points in the new documentary series as well named ‘Who is Hunter Biden?’

In 2006, Biden initiated the purchase of an international hedge fund called Paradigm Global Advisors, along with his uncle James Biden, where Hunter served as the interim CEO for 5 years, ending his term in 2011. From here onwards until 2017, he was one of the board of directors of the World Food Program, USA, which works in accordance with the UN World Food Program.

Roku Channel

A thorough investigation by the NBC of Biden’s hard drive showcased that his firm has received USD 11 million from 2013 to 2018, and different bank accounts linked to Hunter Biden has received a sum of USD 3.8 million from Chinese conglomerate CEFC China Energy, the oil & gas company with direct links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Starting from 2013 to 2020, Hunter Biden was a board member for BHR Partners, a China-based private equity fund.

2019 is the year when Hunter Biden started facing serious allegations and accusations mainly coming from Donald Trump, because Biden started working with Burisma Holdings, one of the largest natural gas producers in Ukraine. His terms expired in 2019 and in the early months of the same year, then US President Donald Trump started pushing allegations against Hunter Biden and his father that linked them to the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory. These claims are without proof and are only theories for now.

my son is hunter

In 2020, the latest controversy surrounding Hunter Biden was the Laptop controversy where an article was published by the New York Post, but there was no proof related to the custody and authenticity of the equipment.

Such has been the life of Hunter Biden, who has not forayed into painting but still lives a life full of storms. These incidents are the reasons why Fox Nation has launched a full-blown documentary on the life of Hunter Biden.

As of 2022, the series has 2 seasons.

Season 1 can be watched on Fox Nation and Roku Channel, the second season is available on Roku Channel. These services are paid services and if you want to know the complete story of Hunter Biden you will have to shell out some money.

If you are not interested in the docuseries due to its length, you can also opt for the movie that will come out in September 2022 detailing the life of Hunter Biden. The movie’s name is My Son Hunter and it goes into the details of the business and personal life of Hunter Biden, which is even more controversial. The movie has an average rating of 6.6/10.

If you are someone who loves watching political real-life situations or are into learning more about the origins of controversial theories, ‘Who is Hunter Biden’ may be a worthy watch. We have answered the question on how to stream ‘Who is Hunter Biden?’ and if you can spend some extra money for entertainment, definitely go for it.


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