2 Proven Methods to Merge PDF Files

2 Proven Methods to Merge PDF Files

In this blog, we are going to explain the reasons why users need to merge PDF files into a single one. To know the possible methods you have to go through the blog.

Summary: A PDF file or can say Portable Document Format is a type of that makes the process of sharing easy. Basically PDF files are created by Adobe Systems. In the PDF file format, you can easily collate many text files, pictures, word processing files, and many more. Users have many files which they can’t open and read at the same time. And opening and reading the files at the same time is a hectic process. As to make it an easy process it is necessary to combine the PDF files to easy accessibility. In this blog we have discussed both manual and PDF merge tool methods. Before discussing the merge process first lets discuss what are the reasons to merge PDF files.

Reasons to Combine PDF Files:

  • Users have multiple PDF files in the system which are consuming space. So it is necessary to combine the PDF documents to save space
  • Due to many PDF files, there are more chances that some important PDF documents can be lost
  • To open and read multiple PDF files consume time and also creates a risk that can hang the system

After seeing all these reasons now, initiate the methods for the merging process

DIY Techniques to Merge PDF Files in Few Steps:

For merging the PDF files you can use the Adobe Acrobat application. Which helps you to get an easy merging procedure. To merge the PDF documents follow the mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, you have to open the Adobe Acrobat Program
  • Secondly, tap on the Tools menu and choose the Combine option
  • Then in the Add Files>> Browse Add files option to add the documents for the merging
  • Now, a screen will pop-up where all selected files will appear
  • After that, you can see and rearrange the order of the files by using Move Up and Move down button
  • Now, after the arrangement, hit on the Combine Files button
  • It takes a few time in PDF merging procedure to gets done
  • For saving it, press on File Menu>> press the Save As button
  • In the end, the PDF merging process is completed

By executing the above steps you can combine PDF files. But this manual method has some limitations and drawbacks which you can face during the process.

Limitations and Drawbacks

  • In the manual approach, you can’t combine the corrupted PDF documents
  • Sometimes, the duplicates PDF fils get merged
  • This manual approach is a time-taking process
  • Risk of data loss
  • It can damage the original structure and properties of the PDF files
  • A non-tech user can’t use the manual process

To avoid these types of issues, there is also an automated method of using the professional method. By which you can easily merge the PDF files.

Such utility is the PDF Merger Tool. This tool makes the process of combining PDF files into a single one. It comes with an advanced algorithm. This allows users to combine PDF documents with ease. This tool holds some great benefits of using it

Benefits of using PDF Merger:

  • It can easily combine multiple PDF files at once
  • No risk of data loss
  • It can also combine large sized PDF files
  • PDF merge tool’s GUI is user-friendly
  • This tool saves time
  • A non-tech can use it.
  • It provides an effortless procedure


In this write-up, we have discussed the methods to merge PDF files. The methods are the manual method and the automated method. If we compare both the methods, it is a better choice to use the PDF merging tool for a better experience. As the manual method has its own limitations and takes-time to merge the PDF documents into a single one. Go for the best.

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