Best Apps for Students and Teachers

Technology has been of great help to education. Both students and teachers need to know everything about it, to make studies simple. You can easily find more content at custom term paper on the best apps for students and teachers. Some apps help teachers improve their teaching skills and students for better and proper understanding. The apps are as follows:


This app helps in graphic design. It can assist both the students and teachers in creating good graphic designs. It offers outlines, and for students who want to create their own, there is a chance for them too. If you are a learner or an expert, this is the app for you. If you need the designs, there is an opportunity to download any format you find comfortable. It gives you a chance to resize however you want.

CodeSpark Academy

It is an app that helps students with coding. It assists students in learning computer sciences but in a fun way, thus encourages them. They give daily assignments to students and give teachers the chance to monitor how students are doing.

Common Core App Series

This app can help students, teachers, and parents. It enables users to search the subject, grade, and also category. It gives the teachers a mastery tracker that contains standards. It allows teachers to assess students who are of great importance. Traffic lights demonstrate mastery. Teachers can view the core standards so that they can maintain their focus all through.


It is good to learn different languages. DuoLingo helps with that. It is a game app that is very interactive. People using it can get points and move to different levels. The more you play, the more you learn. Some schools use this app for their students. During the holiday break, it is good to keep the focus and energy.

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It provides lessons for the best universities in the entire world. It was founded in 2012 by Harvard University. It provides online learning services that are very efficient. For quality lessons, this app is a guarantee. It offers lessons in different subjects and fields.


This app helps both teachers and students. It helps in editing, which is vital in writing. Students will be able to have perfect grammar since it looks for grammar problems. In short, it helps the students better their grammar, phrases, and word choice. It checks plagiarism, which makes the students work original.

Khan Academy

It gives explanations and videos for free, offers math, science, economics, etc. to students. It provides proper instructions for students to understand better. It gives students feedback about their work. If you are using the app, there is a possibility of reading offline after bookmarking content to Your List.


It helps in making notes, drawing, typing, and many more. It also assists students with different attention and concentration benefit. This app can not only work for students but also for the teachers. It helps them in jotting points and assignments. It does not limit any subjects, as all are available in the app.


It is an app for more than 20 million students and teachers per month. It helps teachers to offer assessments and more. More than 95 percent of students who use the app, work harder, and perform better in their exams. It helps teachers engage and motivate their students by creating assessments. Also, it helps in sharing online learning materials.


It helps students take a picture of their assignment and get help with immediate effect. It uses a photo of the question to get answers and explanations. It also gives instructions step by step, making it very easy to understand. It is simple to use the app, and afterward, a student will get good results.


It has versions both free and pro that help the teachers in every way. It helps teachers create quizzes, polls, and games for the students. They can create assessments in different ways according to what they want and like. As long as they are favorable for their students and the app, it is good to go. Teachers save the reports in their accounts. After they store them, they can download them at their own stipulated time. It is a convenient app for teachers.

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