5 Epic Tips for Creating Android Apps that Users Will Love

Are you aware that there are over 2 million applications on Google Play? And did you know that, according to recent statistics, people only access 30 apps and use just nine every day? So, what do you think makes them choose a particular app from such a saturated market? The answer is simple, the application’s user-friendliness!

Studies have shown that people tend to go for applications that are easy to use, simple to navigate, and complete tasks fast and easy. So, if you too are wondering how to develop such an app then read on!

5 Epic Tips for Creating Android Apps

How to Create User-Friendly Apps

Before getting to the ‘how’ part, let’s first understand what a user-friendly app is. The term means that apps should be simple, intuitive, and reliable for users. It should also be easy to use, correct mistakes, make necessary changes on command. Not only that but also provide solutions to complex tasks, like gettingSpectrum TV on Firestick. The developers should also give special attention to the user interface and make it effortless for the user to navigate through the application. There are a number of tips that will help you to develop a user-friendly app. They are:

1. The App Should Be Targeted

Before you start planning or developing an application, identify the audience that you’re going to target. Doing this will help you in two ways:

  1. It makes the development process easier and simpler. Since you know where you’re going and what kind of services you want to provide through the app, it helps you narrow down your ideas.
  2. It targets a particular population and attracts immediate attention. If you’re creating an app for cooks, every relevant individual will pay attention to what you’re offering. They will also recommend you to others in their circle.

2. The App Has to Be Useful

If you want your audiences to download your app, it should provide some value. The app you plan to create must be useful to the audience in a particular way. It should give appropriate solutions and benefits, such as saving time, money, effort, or provide helpful information.

One right way to do this is to focus on user value when you are jotting down ideas for the application. You should also ask if your business is proposing an answer to the issues that people have. After that, work on the pitch that should define how your app will help your target audience get rid of their problems.

3. Focus on the Design

A good design ensures easy usage. Pay specific attention to the order, organization, color palette, and other design details. The fonts, sizes of pictures, widgets, and other such necessary aspects of the app play an essential role in attracting an audience and convincing them to stay. If the design is too dull, boring, or complicated, your user might skip the app and move on to the next one.

4. Make It Easier to Board

Always remember to keep things simple. Don’t make the registration process too complicated that it might frustrates your user. Also, logging into an account should be straightforward and easy. It shouldn’t involve more than one or two steps. Moreover, accessing the application should take just a few seconds or a minute. This is because the longer your user has to keep waiting, the less likely they’ll continue using the app.

5. Everyone Likes Speed and Storage

If your application takes minutes and hours to operate, the user might lose interest quickly! Plus, if downloading your application requires deleting four others, they’ll probably choose another instead. So, make sure your app is speedy and storage-friendly. Applications that are light often require little energy and space to run, which is an integral part of creating a user-friendly app.


Creating a user-friendly app isn’t half as tricky as it may seem. However, it is incredibly essential. If you want to create an application that your audience would love, make it audience-oriented! Take Spectrum, for example. Even though it’s a network company, did you know that they have an incredibly user-friendly android application? From their package details to the Spectrum phone number and other important information one may require, it has everything.

There are plenty of other relevant examples in the market, and you can take powerful inspiration from them. The five ways listed above will help ensure that your creation is easy to use and navigate. Also, it will ensure you the success you are expecting from it.

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