Ideas to Launch a Successful Campaign on TikTok

TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Most people have a Tik Tok account and many companions have them too. The platform has become a popular way of sharing life updates, social events and social issues. There are also many businesses that use the platform but not many know how to take advantage of it! To be successful on Instagram you have to get likes! And that is hard!

Launch a Successful Campaign on TikTok

Here are 3 ideas Trollishly stated to take your TikTok business profile to the next level:

Pursue a Theme

This is something many businesses struggle to do! You need to have a theme so when a user comes onto your TikTok Profile they can see who you are and what you post. This helps them with the decision of whether to follow you or not.

Prefer Worthy Pictures

This goes without saying, but using good pictures is the key to growing on TikTok. By good, I do not simply mean good quality. You need to post good content. This means pictures that resonate with your audience and your caption.

Post Constantly

This is one that people often overlook. However, if you are not posting daily on TikTok, it will be difficult to make a difference. Your content needs to be flowing at least once per day to get traction in this very competitive world.

Can I Make Profits using TikTok?

Yes! As a business on TikTok, you can make lots of money if you leverage it properly. Posting meaningful content consistently as part of a good strategy will help you to ramp up your sales. TikTok is hard, but when you crack it you will be thankful you put in the effort. Entrepreneurs like Gretta Van Riel have used TikTok to make multi-million-dollar businesses, and you can too!

Lots of people are reporting a downturn in engagement across social media platforms right now. I am not exactly surprised by this. TikTok HQ has been making changes across both Facebook and TikTok, which are likely to have had an impact. But does this downturn matter as much as we think it does?

First of all, it’s worth thinking about what social media means to your business, and why you’re using it. If you’re using it properly, then you’re writing engaging content, your posting where your target market is, and you’re actually interacting with your followers etc. This should mean that your ideal clients are seeing you, and you’re having a two-way conversation. All of which the algorithm loves. But, we also need to factor in what is happening with everything else in the world right now and that is where it all goes a bit doolally!

For example, TikTok is increasingly becoming a pay to play space. More and more people are saying that they’re seeing more ads. These ads push down the organic content, which in turn demoralises those of us who use organic reach as the cornerstone of our marketing. We feel like we are wasting our time. We then start to resent posting, liking and even worse, commenting. This is when the rot sets in, our content becomes less engaging and we lose the attention of our followers.

That’s before we’ve even touched on how we all feel about social media in general during the pandemic. I’ve had several conversations recently about, how, particularly in the small business arena, people are tired. They’re tired of being on the digital marketing treadmill. I can totally empathise with that. We’re constantly bombarded with ads, posts and videos telling us how to increase our reach, or make 6 figures in our businesses with the latest marketing tricks. But at what cost? We’re becoming a slave to society, without being social at all. The worst thing about that is that is exactly what the big social platforms want. If you think about it, they want us to be on their platforms constantly, consuming content.

Alternative TikTok Practices

After many hours of daydreaming, sorry, I mean thinking deeply, about the situation I think we need to take a step back. I am not saying that you need to abandon social media in your business, but we need to remember what we want from it. If we’re spending hours creating content that brings no money in, then that my friend, is a waste of time.

We need to go back to enjoying being social.

Of course, for many of us, face to face is out of the window right now. But we can still be social. We can still make the connections and we can still share with others. I would encourage everyone to take a step back. Think about what you need in your business as if you’re just starting out.

If you’re better face to face as it were, then get back into networking. If you love long-form content, then write it. If you love talking, then what about video or podcasting? If you’re still in love with social, then post away.If you go back to doing what you love, then it will show. I promise that as long as you’re engaging in conversations, your clients will thank you for it.

The third method is the easiest and most cost-efficient one as you need zero coding, and you can do it on your own, just following step by step instructions of the company you chose. It can seem intimidating at first, but it is as simple as matching colors.

As an example, let’s say you have a Shopify store and you want Facebook to understand when a purchase is happening, so it is reflected in your ad account dashboard. So, on one side there’s Shopify and on the other side, there’s Facebook’s Conversion API.

With a Partner Integration, you will be able to choose the event “Purchase” from Shopify, the event “Purchase” from Conversion API, and match them together so they are synced as the same event.

So, when “Purchase” is triggered on Shopify, it will automatically trigger “Purchase” on the Conversion API, which will inform Facebook servers and make the purchase appear on our ad account dashboard in the “Purchase” column.

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