6 Design Styles Loved by Interior Decorators in Kolkata

When you start thinking about decorating your home, one of the first thing you will have to figure out is the interior design style you identify with. It’s not just choosing between classic and modern, there are many different interior designs to choose from. When you choose interior decorators in Kolkata, they should ideally favour the same interior design style as you. This puts everyone on the same page and ensures smooth progress through the project. So, let’s take a look at the XX most popular interior design styles and their core aspects.

Design Styles Loved by Interior Decorators

Mid-Century Modern Design

This décor style is from the mid-1900s and is characterized by natural shapes, clean lines and minimalist silhouettes. Furniture pieces belonging to this style of design often have unique shapes. In terms of materials, it celebrates the possibilities of plywood, moulded plastic and aluminium. Each piece is designed to be versatile and work well on its own as well as with other design styles. Designers who favour this style will often use bold colours to highlight accents.

Industrial Design

Industrial design is all about high ceilings, open floor plans and exposed materials. Think exposed bricks and piping, a rustic feel and plenty of distressed wooden elements. Industrial design isn’t for everyone or for every home. It tends to lean on the masculine style of design. The colour palate for this style is usually white to grey tones with neutral and highlights of yellow or red or another bold colour. You can also pick colours that go towards a darker palate. In terms of furniture, think mix-media pieces that balance metal and wood and glass and more.

Nautical Design

With the city’s proximity to the sea, many interior decorators in Kolkata favour a nautical style of design. As you would imagine, the design colour palate is dominated by shades of blue, white and the colour of the sand. Wood polishes are usually light or bleached and the floor plan may be open or compartmentalized. Of course, you need plenty of natural light to make this design style work in your home. When you’re choosing furniture for a nautical design theme, look for pieces that have an unfinished vibe. In terms of accents, you can incorporate elements such as rowing oars, maps, jute ropes and seashells.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design is believed to have evolved from mid century modern design. It is often associated with IKEA style furniture but it is about a lot more than just this. Scandinavian design celebrates minimalism with playful accents, gentle curves and a balance of natural and engineered materials. The focus of Scandinavian design lies in the Bauhaus principles and fluid lines with the proportions of objects and the space as a whole. It’s a clean look, easy to maintain and suited to homes of all sizes. In terms of colour schemes, Scandinavian design is all about shades of white and grey.

Bohemian Design

If you like your space to have a fun, carefree vibe, the bohemian design style is perfect for you. Bohemian design is focused on making the space look messy while being organized. It’s all about using lots of different types of colours, textures and materials. They’re layered together to create a purposefully messy look. Picture a couch with a throw and plenty of cushions of varying sizes… While it may seem that there are no rules to Bohemian design, you must coordinate colours and textures so that it still looks good when put together. When you’re looking for furniture and accent pieces, pick styles with a nomadic vibe and tribal inspiration.

Farmhouse Design

The Farmhouse aesthetic is all about bringing together traditional elements with cabin-inspired design details. Look for furniture pieces that have an upholstered look or distressed finishes or unfinished edges. The colour palette is mostly pastels and neutrals. You can also add a pop of brighter colours to accentuate and highlight aspects of the design. It’s a modern approach to country-side cabin-style living.

Other design styles that are popular include a minimalist look, the rustic look, shabby chic and a tropical design style. Once you’ve found the design that matches your personality, you can start looking at interior designer portfolios to find a designer with a similar design preference. Share the aspects of the style that you like the most with your interior designer and you can get started putting your dream home together. When you choose interior decorators in Kolkata, you must also be clear about the scope of work involved. Your designer will base his/her budget based on this. For example, you may think you only need your kitchen redone but the costing will be very different if you need the walls broken down and if you just need the cabinet redone. So, are you ready to get started on your dream project?

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