Five Stunning Wool Carpets To Enhance My Bedroom Beauty

Our bedroom is our personal space, and we want to feel comfortable in our bedroom. Even when it comes towoollen carpets, there are different variations in the type of fabric, the colours etc. One might like subtle colours or a combination of crisp whites contrast with inky blacks. Wool is a classic luxury carpet fibre with some distinct qualities, and it is natural, comfortable and fire-resistant.

Five Stunning Wool Carpets

Following are five stunning woollen carpets that enhance your bedroom beauty-

1. Hand-tufted wool

Hand tufting is a unique technology introduced to combine the ancient craft of weaving with modern-day technology. It works when the weaver starts with a sheet of canvas or similar material and pulls wool strands using a tufting gun. After binding it with wool, the rug is removed from the frame. This carpet adds to your bedroom’s beauty, and it is the best option to buy this if you have kids, as the fabric is smooth on the skin.

2. Hand-knotted wool

They are the most admired rugs as they have a superior value and give an aesthetic look to any room with design décor. The most admired hand-knotted wool includes Persian and oriental wool carpets. These carpets will bring breathing life into any space. If your room is super-deluxe, then you should go for a large wool carpet, and the authentic hand-knotted Persian carpet will look splendid in any room.

3. Flat Weave wool carpets

A flat weave wool carpet will give a divine look to any room, and one of the best qualities of this carpet is that it does not shed. They can make any room look well-furnished and brighten up any space. They are eye-catching, magnificent and multi-faceted. They are prevalent in a variety of styles. If you are looking forward to upgrading your house, flat weave rugs will be your best purchase. They are very durable and cleaning them is also easy.

4. Braided wool rugs

A braided wool rug is high-quality and will likely last for decades. The best part about a braided wool rug is that it is beautiful and durable at the same time. It is exquisite, and thus, it adds value to your bedroom space. However, you should be careful while cleaning a braided wool rug. You should vacuum it on both sides and never use a beater brush on it. The denim braided woollen carpets is the choice of many avid carpet lovers.

5. Dhurrie Woollen carpets

A dhurrie woollen carpet is hand woven and exclusively an item of home furnishing owing to its contemporary style. They come in unique designs inspired by multicolour stripes. There is a variety of dhurrie rugs to choose from, and they come in a range of popular patterns. The artisans use horizontal weaving techniques while making this carpet. Some dhurrie wool carpets are inspired by the crisscross pattern of Moroccan trellis. It gives a Moroccan look to your bedroom space.

These are some types of Wool carpets that enhance your bedroom beauty!


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