8 Best Time Pass Quotes

Time does not stop for anyone. It is priceless, weightless and always seems to be flying by with no possibility of slowing down. So, you have 24 hours in a day from which you have to consume every bit of an hour correctly. However, it is not easy to shake the feeling that time is fleeting. In a moment, you’ll feel like there is either not enough time, and in another moment, you’ll feel too much time wasted.

Best Time Pass Quotes

But it is vital to toss that mindset and begin to live in the moment. We often work a lot to slow down time. And that’s not possible. Therefore, the best action we can take is to let go of the idea and accept that the progression of time is inevitable. It will give a fresh start and bring new possibilities.

So, if you’re also working to embrace the fleeting nature of time, the time pass quotes shown in the article will offer you comfort and wisdom.

1. Time waits for no one.

The quote from Folklore means that no one has enough power to stop time or to change its course.

However, the record of this quote is from 1225, before English got the modern shape.

The origin of this phrase is uncertain. So we can say that it is considered to be proverbial wisdom.

2. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

This quote is from Leo Tolstoy, who is the most outstanding humanist. He put these words in General Kutuzov’s mouth.

And actually, this quote is a combination of two. Through this quote, Leo wants to say, that my boy, there is nothing robust than those two: patience and time.

Then, he again repeats his thought that people must understand that we can only lose by taking the offensive.

Leo wants to convey a message that patience and time are our warriors and champions.

3. Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.

One of the famous time pass quotes by William Shakespeare means better spend time waiting for the opportunity to take action.

The phrase is from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor. It is said by a character who suspects his wife’s infidelity.

But in fact, you can apply this quote to any situation whenever you need to take the chance to change things.

4. Lost time is never found again.

Another one of the best quotes by a founding father of the United States, a leading writer and political philosopher, Benjamin Franklin.

Through the quote, he wants to say that you can’t keep today’s hour for tomorrow.

Benjamin is also warning through this quote that time is a scarce resource, and if you waste it, you have to recover it later.

The bottom line for this phrase is that it is vital to have mindful planning and work on productivity.

5. Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.

The quote is from an ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus. However, the phrase is a philosophy known for its combination of merely theoretical thoughts and practical approaches.

Theophrastus wants to say that time is an accident of motion that cannot be paused or reversed.

He said that the wasting of time would be the most extravagant and costly of all your expenses.

6. The key is not spending time but investing it.

The author of the time management matrix Stephen R Covey wrote this quote. He wants to say that you can spend your time on useless things, but if you’re going to call it an investment, you have to spend it on something that has value.

7. Punctuality is the thief of time.

This quote from Oscar Wilde means when you invest effort in some else’s comfort, you’re sacrificing your time.

You have to spend your time on more pleasant things.

8. It is time you wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important

The quote by Antoine de Saint means that if you genuinely love something, you’ll spend time in it.

Time is one of the most valuable resources. So when invested wisely, it makes the person, goals or activity more vital for us. Apart from this positive side, there is a negative side too.

Wrapping up

The bottom line is that time is a priceless thing that you have in your life. Although you cannot pause the time, but you can spend it wisely. I hope the collection of time pass quotes shown in this article will help you to embrace the fleeting nature of time.

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