A Comprehensive Study Over the Gastric Balloon Surgery

the Gastric Balloon Surgery

A gastric balloon surgery based in Los Angeles (also known as an intragastric balloon) is a kind of a not-a-surgical and transient weight loss procedure. This procedure deems fit for those individuals who have body mass index (BMI), ranging between 30 and 40. These are looking out for a major level of weight loss without undergoing the surgical procedure.

In the course of a quick outpatient procedure, a physician installs a gas- or water that is filled balloon in the region of your stomach for a time of six months. A gastric balloon provides the desired level of help in order to put off your weight. It occupies the desired area in your stomach leading to consuming a lesser quantity of food because of giving you the feeling of fullness a little earlier.

After six months when the placed balloon is taken out, your body will adopt the new habit of eating healthy edible items along with performing some fair amount of exercise. These new habits of yours because of the gastric balloon can provide help to reduce or maintain the bodyweight that keeps you fit and healthy.

Different sorts of gastric balloons are available right now. However, their function would be similar to one another, occupying a space of your stomach area. But, each of the gastric balloons is minutely dissimilar in the makeup-the balloon itself- and its following procedure

The Nuances of ORBERA Gastric Balloon

During this one of the gastric balloon procedures, a bariatric specialist will utilize a flexible instrument, known as an endoscope, guiding the deflated balloon through the passage of your mouth. After that, the specialist will install the ORBERA balloon, covering certain areas of your stomach with due diligence. Post this, the deflated balloon would be inflated with the help of saline.

Once the outpatient procedure is accomplished, the patient can discharge on the day of its nonsurgical procedure. In a forthcoming couple of weeks, here are the developments the person can anticipate:

  • Just after successfully placing the balloon in your stomach, your bariatric specialists will observe you closely over the next couple of months, educating as well as motivating you in your endeavor to develop and adopt healthy eating habits.
  • After six months or maybe sooner, depending on your charted out treatment plan, your doctor will carry out the task for the removal of your balloon during the ensuing second nonsurgical procedure. This procedure of placing the balloon is equivalent to the procedural balloon placement
  • Once the tedious task of eliminating the balloon is carried out, your bariatric specialists will then initiate working with you in close collaboration for the period of the next six months. Besides these, they offer the services of nutrition guidance as the patient tries to adapt to the new adjustment of your body’s new normal.

The Advantages As well As The Disadvantages: Nonsurgical Procedure for Placing Gastric Balloon For the Result of weight Loss

Each variety of bariatric surgery unpacks its own advantages and disadvantages. Your bariatric specialist will take into account your overall existing health condition before putting forth his suggestion as to which gastric balloon procedures’ offering deems fit for in order to reap the best results. It has been noticed frequently, you can opt the best-suited nonsurgical or surgical approach that deems your preferences and priorities:

The Ultimate Advantage of Gastric Balloon Procedure:

Gastric balloon surgery reaps a wide array of benefits. It gives helps to reduce to threefold the weight when it comes to comparing to diet and exercise alone. In addition, it is a nonsurgical solution that can be accomplished within a shorter time through the help of nonsurgical procedures. It is done on an interim basis. Also, Read – Non Surgical Weight Loss

Drawbacks of Gastric balloon

Apart from having several benefits, this gastric balloon has some kinds of drawbacks. Its treatment is not insured by most of the companies. Undergoing this procedure can result in some side effects such as nausea or dehydration.


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