The Morbid yet Inspiring Jobs at Funeral Industries

We all know death is inevitable. Someday we all would be dissolved with the sand or burnt to ashes. There is no escape from this hard truth. As much as we embrace these macabre axioms, the ghastly statement about this hard truth trickles down to the rate and number of deaths we have had in recent times. Since 2006, the deaths have outnumbered births and there is something sinister about it. A real investigation into the reasons and causes of these deaths might reveal a great deal of an interesting story, which would intrigue people to their core.

Who are these people who really have the nerve to poke into morbid factors like that? A special industry dedicated to details like these which operates strictly on terms and conditions to analyze the reasons for deaths and perform further duties is existent. It is nothing but the funeral industry and various job portfolios linked to that field that actually plunges into topics such as these.

Nobody would dare their profession to even tilt slightly on funeral aspects of life but this promising career is more than energizing for a layman’s mind than we anticipate. Some people who have a flair for death statistics or funeral works would love to have a job in this line of field and it would not be that taxing, after all, is a general perception.

For someone who is at the cusp of building a career, a roundabout way of looking into all possible unconventional jobs would give them a good idea. A peek into the picture of what a funeral industry is and their job profiling might make them come around with the possibility of working in these firms with all dare and passion. A blindfolded way of deciding a career by mindlessly falling for jobs that are cliched like a doctor or engineer is an old way of establishing a professional course. You should rather choose one that is challenging from the word go and different from the flock to stand apart as something interesting or new.

Let us have a sneak peek into the prospective careers of the funeral industry and scratch the surface about the detailing of their jobs in particular. Some people realize these kinds of jobs to be their forte and would voluntarily pick up this field in all oddities. Though it looks uncanny to think about this arena, the real conviction of performing a funeral service involves a lot more than just a logical brain.

Jobs at Funeral Industries

Law firms dealing with death:

We will start with a firm that has a shade of funeral aspect though not directly involved with it. We all know about law firms and their jobs of seeking justice, but when it comes to law firms specializing in death, it is all about deeper investigations about the causes of it and the due settlements of the deceased family. There could be an array of pro-bono cases dealing with the death of a person or the reasons preceding it. They render justice to the victim’s family by bestowing their dues from the third party who was liable. They also take care of the means of life for the people who were survived by the deceased in case of the dead being the breadwinner. It is a detailed profession that offers solace to the bereaved as much as settling their needs for a peaceful future bereft of any further loss or bumps.

Law firms dealing with death

Licensed Funeral Director:

The job description of this designation is despondent in nature as much as how strenuous it is. It involves the whole structuring and planning of a funeral. Right from issuing obituary notice to arranging for pallbearers, everything is taken care of by the funeral director.

Often the family of the dead would not have the composure to arrange for a burial or any rituals associated with it as they would be occupied in mourning and offering condolences. The funeral manager at his helm would fix for a cremation, get ready with the cemetery and prepare for the funeral with all protocols intact.

Funeral directors are required to have a qualification of a degree in Mortuary Science. They are also expected to have had a hands-on funeral service as a part of their education. A bachelor’s degree along that line is sufficient to be designated in this position.

They are supposed to be formally trained under a funeral director and also have some erudition on embalming procedures as their application knowledge. The certification and the Bonafede of completing the course help in validating their eligibility for the job.

A license to deal with this affair seems significant and to gain that they need to be properly qualified with the above credentials. Sometimes the job might not even entail dealing with dead bodies but administrative actions would be their job profiling.

This work expects a kind of sanity and dedication to a different degree and caliber. The person employed as a funeral director needs to be on toes and hard-willed to arrange everything as per the expectations of the bereaved.

Licensed Funeral Director


A mortician prepares and preserves the body for funerals by embalming it with necessary undercovers and caskets. Even the coffins needed for funerals would also fall under his jurisdiction as he would get ready with every possible means to preserve the deceased.

The mortician would sometimes perform a similar role as that of a funeral director as he goes about preparing everything from start to finish of a funeral without any gaps.

He also needs a valid license along with a qualification of performing a funeral service. The certification or accreditation to have completed this course is mandatory when they perform this duty.

Mortician or Embalmer

Jobs in NCHS:

As mentioned in the introduction, the analysis on the number of deaths and census information regarding it would be available in the National Centre of Health statistics. This job profiling would essentially divulge the maximum reasons for death and probable causes leading to it. It is also one of the macabre jobs but it does have its share of effort and profoundness.

List od Selfie Related Deaths

Jobs in the funeral industry:

Funeral service workers or assistants help and assist the funeral directors as they will have a very hands-on job to do. An entry-level job that basically helps and aids the funeral service heads to perform the funeral ceremony. It does not require any qualification or certification but would require a lot of agility and fitness to fulfill arduous tasks.


The funeral industry and the jobs linking to it might sound morbid for our ears but they have their share of efforts and hardships. The challenges this job poses would be different from any normal white-collar career but never fails to invoke some interest. It depends on the individual person to actually sift through the field and look for a career that deems fit for him/her. However, no job is inferior or less important since a career in this field ensues working with diligence and dedication in extremes like any other.

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