What is Fast Track Colonoscopy and How Does It Work?


Well, there are going to be various individuals out there who will not know anything about the fast track colonoscopy? Well, its the process of simplifying the normal colonoscopy for various patients out there. This process is very useful in eliminating the need for an yearly checkup.

The patients are only required to show on the day of the procedure which helps the patents to save their time and money. It also helps the patients to set their schedules according to their availability.

This process is thus very significant in analyzing the gastrointestinal issues associated with the colon and the rectum such as abdominal pain, intestinal bleeding that can be a pancreatic cancer symptoms.

In the colonoscopy, there is a thin and long lighted tube used for examining the large intestine. In order to make the procedure more comfortable, some pills or sedation is used for carrying out the procedure without facing any discomfort.

The procedure of fast track colonoscopy is also called as the open access. As there is no prior consultation, it is going to save time and will make sure that the patient can visit for the procedure very easily in their schedules. The fast track colonoscopy is the approach with which we can keep a healthy colon by diagnosing the colon fro time to time.

Lets us now see whether what is this procedure and how does it work.

How does fast track colonoscopy work?

There is a certain eligibility for the patient fo going under the process of colonoscopy. If the nurse sees that the patient is eligible for the treatment, then only the surgeon is going to schedule the procedure. They also check the availability and the match for the health insurance.

The patient is then sent to prepare for the colon-emptying methods. This procedure is only granted to the patients if they are no other record of any major medical issue or is having any pre-existing history of diseases.

You cannot go for the colonoscopy if:

There is very frequent rectal bleeding

  • If there is any colorectal cancer in family history
  • If there is any record for bowel diseases.

The procedure and preparation on colonoscopy:

In the procedure of colonoscopy, a flexible thin tube is inserted into the rectum that extends to the measurement of the large intestine. This is done in order to examine if there is any abnormalities in gastrointestinal.

There is a small camera that is attached to the end of the tube. This camera further sends the image to the monitor. This help the doctors to look inside the colon. There are some instruments that are attached to the tube for removing the polyps and other growth of tissues.

The patients need to have an empty colon for a better examination and to get a clearer view of the large intestine. There shall be no obstacles so that doctors refrain the patents to have any solid food or any caffeinated drinks before the coloscopy.

They also suggest taking a laxative in order to evacuate the bowel.

On the day when the colonoscopy process has to be done, the patients are sedated so that do not have to face any complexity in the process. Some patients are given very mild sedation as pills so that they can undergo this procedure without any pain

After the process is over, it’s going to take at least an hour to get a hold of themselves completely from the effect of the sedative. So, it is very strongly recommended by the doctors that the patient must take at least a day rest before having to continue their normal schedules.

In conclusion:

Thus, this is the process of fast track colonoscopy and how does it work. If you are looking to get the best results, then make sure that you are visiting the best center for the diagnosis so that the treatment can be started on time. Also Read – Non Surgical Weight Loss

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