All you need to know about Indian Poker

If you are a poker lover in India, then you will love to play this Indian Poker game which is a lot of fun in itself. This will help you in building the Indian poker community. You can invest your real money into this game. This game has a modified version in India as a drinking game. This amazing version here in India makes the game more attractive to poker players. So, if you are one of the lovers, then this article is for you. The article consists of many more attributes that will make gaming easier. This article will give information related to online poker market.

Indian Poker

Playing Indian Poker

Playing these cash games is not difficult but it is fun. The game consists of a deck of cards, dealers, and obviously players. What is different in playing this game, is that the player draws its card and without seeing the card puts it on the forehead to show it to other players. And instead of letting the player back off, you give them a chance here so that they play more and stay in the game. You can give the other player an impression if they had the higher ranking card.

Deals with the cards

Indian poker involves only one card for gaming with every player. The game is not affected hereby the card suit. It is much more fun to play with a single card instead of many. All the players are not aware of their cards they have. You also need to take the community cards under consideration.

Multi-Card Poker

You can use more than one card, but it creates more complications to have more than one card in a game like this. Though it adds more interest to the game, also makes it challenging.

How to bet in Indian Poker?

The game consists of only a single round in which the players either can call or fold. If 2 or more players make a call, then the game keeps on going.

This is different when you are playing with real money. In this, you can call, raise or fold. The game continues if the players keep on raising the bet. The game stops when nobody calls or raises the bet.

The Winner

The winner of the game is the player who has higher cards wins and the one who loses needs to take a shot glass. While if you are betting using money, then a high card or the final betting round surviving player wins the money.


It is more fun to play Indian poker with your friends. You get the chance to take a shot during the game instead of folding off the game. The winners and losers are decided accordingly. If it is about the money, the winner is decided as per the usual high card system, but different for playing with the money. I hope the attraction towards this game has increased more by this article and it will help you in a way to win more money.

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